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  • Love your aespa dp!

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    • Thank you boooo :* it’s ironic timing cause I was thinking I love your rose dp!!! and I get so confused when people Change there pictures so often, but your one of the only reliable People I remember


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    • Ty! I'm obsessed with Rosie's mini album and Black Mamba! AESPINK would be a great collab!

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    • Well you clearly have great taste in music no surprise


      Rose stayed her album and she's continuing to do so well :froghype: she's my bias in BP as well, so I am here for her achievements :pepe-sad: Real Talent always wins :lover1:

    • What do you think of the TWICEVELVET performance of "Dreams come true"?

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      I've watched like all the fancams and the two different performances, I love when idols interact


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  • forum.allkpop.com/thread/20808/

    Check out the official aespa Guild :saint:

    Contact me if you would like to become a member and stay updated with all things AESPA :borahae:

  • do ATEEZ vs Oneus vocal battle :pepelove1:

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      I will maybe tomorrow, I need the battle threads to refresh, I feel everyone's getting too used to them


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  • make mcnd vs treasure vs enhypen battles :pepegrin:

    • :angryr::angryr::angryr:

      I’m going to lay low with the battle threads, but I’ll have a comeback real soon


    • i am just bored :boredr:

      waiting for comeback

    • Me and you both :pepeshock: Just a little longer:cryingr:

      I’ll do some battle post later today when I get home; vocals, dance and visuals :* stay ready now


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    • did u do battles, if u do tag me

    • I will later on today


  • wanna play gomoku

    • I don't even know what that is and I'm actually at work (working from home (not doing much work tbh))


    • connect 4

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    • oooooh that sounds good! I'll let you know when I'm free next, otherwise I'll be inconsistent playing now :thumbdown:

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    • sure

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  • can you make a vocal battle : Treasure vs NCT please ?

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    • LOOOOOOOOOL yeah sure, but you do know you could make one yourself ?


    • Also does it have to be Vocals or can I mix it up


    • TREASURE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :pepe-hehe:

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    • In fact I've never posted before, I tried on the old forum but i couldn't. Maybe it has changed since then 🤔

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    • If you want to do the vocal battle, so it have to be vocals like in the title.

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  • gimme some akorns pls :pepelove1::pepelove1:

  • Omg ur cover photo :love:

    • Queen giselleee in all her might and glory radiating her beauty ;(


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    • shes so beautiful <3

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    • She also seems really chilled, and the real deal, what you see is what you get


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    • shes wrecking me my bias is Karina but too bad I have to change now:smirks: am confused which badge should I get

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    • Ooooooohh I’ll defo say giselle badge! Since there’s few out you truly feel like an elite LOL


      And I thought I would Stan Karina, but giselle stole my sight! But I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been eyeing up winter, I’m trying to stay loyal!


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  • i'm so excited for their next comeback, i feel like it's going to be something different

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    • Sameeee im sooo excited :love: I'm assuming it'll be five months after forever so it should be in July ;-)

  • giselle is my bias too

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    • No surprise what so ever! You seem to really like talented groups and idols :love:

      #Bestiesalready :*

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  • is Giselle your bias?

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    • Wow Ya'll are mind readers :pepe-hehe: But I'm being wrecked by Winterrrrrr :pepe-heart-eyes:

      I'm a loyal one though :smirks:

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    • yo i'm a psychic what you expect :groovins:

      winter be doing her work

      i try to stay loyal but bro winter be coming for everyone :pepe-cross:

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    • It's her gaze and her unpredictability, when they announced her I had the least expectations for her, yet she continuously surprises me


      But Giselle "See me now" sync rap was too strong ;( I saw her and all her potential :love:

      I'll just say aespa is my bias in aespa


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    • lmao yes winter is just so wow :love:

      but I'm loyal to ningning so winter back off :pepe-cross:

      lmao that 100 iq right there

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  • tenor.gif

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  • well somebody is a huge fan of Aespa

  • thanks for the follow hun :*

  • Stan bp :cursing:

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    • LOOOOOOOOOOL I’m finished!

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    • Finished in what? :cursing:

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    • I do Stan them omg can yous really not read, this wasn’t a debate about if I liked them Or not, it was my opinion on why I think there was tension. People moving too sensitive that isn’t MY problem ;) :*


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    • I'm not actually talking abt that thread tho, just casually saying stan bp lol :cursing:

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    • It’s slang like I’m done or I’m dead AKA LMFAO :boredr:

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