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  • Hello, you've probably known by now about the new aespa guild rule. I notice that you haven't been showing up there for more than 6 months ;(

    Since you're still quite active, i decided to ask first if you still want stay there?

  • Hello, i am a new forum user but I heard you are a old one from the old forum! I am a friend of evo and a MY. DMs exist. It is next to the notification bell. It looks like a chat bubble. If you want any help with the new forum you can ask me!

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    • oh my god i can't believe how i missed that lmaooo

      thanks so much!

  • Welcome back! If you need any help with cropping signatures, avatars or banners let me know! I also have a folder of gif avatars free for AKP users to use, that I can give you to look through if you would like!

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