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    I. History:

    “ONEUS! Hello, we are ONEUS!” —ONEUS

    ONEUS (원어스) is a six-member boy group under RBW. They officially debuted on January 9, 2019 with their first mini album Light Us.

    Three official color schemes were revealed to them. Being "Earth" the three official colors of the group (Pantone 7691 C, Pantone 7724 C, and Pantone P 1-1 C), "Moon" being the official color for their fandom (Pantone P 10-1 C), and the third scheme called "White Glittering Space", representing the space where both the group and the fans exist together.

    Keonhee, Hwanwoong and Seoho are former participants of Produce 101 Season 2.

    Seoho and Ravn are former participants of MIXNINE.

    ONEUS is the brother group of the boy band ONEWE.

    Dongju (Xion) Has A Twin Brother In ONEWE.

    II. Members:

    Ravn (레이븐) Main Rapper, Vocalist, Producer 2019–present

    Seoho (서호) Main Vocalist 2019–present

    Leedo (이도) Main Rapper, Vocalist 2019–present

    Keonhee (건희) Main Vocalist 2019–present

    Hwanwoong (환웅) Main Dancer, Vocalist, Sub Rapper 2019–present

    Xion (시온) Vocalist, Visual, Maknae 2019–present

    III. Discography:


    Studio albums

    Devil (2021)

    Mini albums

    Light Us (2019)

    Raise Us (2019)

    Fly With Us (2019)

    Lived (2020)

    Single albums

    "In Its Time" (2020)

    Digital singles

    "Bbusyeo" (2020)


    "Last Song" (with ONEWE) (2018)

    Other releases

    "Come Back Home" (2020)



    "Twilight" (2019)

    "808" (2019)

    "No Diggity" (2021)

    IV. Concerts:

    Masterpiece (2019)

    V. Filmography:

    Reality shows

    I Will Debut (Olleh TV Mobile, 2018)

    Power Up! Beautiful Snack Bar is Open (2018)

    Road to Kingdom (Mnet, 2020)

    VI. Writing & Producing:

    Source: https://www.komca.or.kr/foreign2/eng/S01.jsp

    Ravn Has Written, Composed, & Arranged 34 songs (under RAVN(10020585))

    Leedo Has Written, Composed, & Arranged 28 songs (under LEE DO(10020596))

    Seoho Has Written, Composed, & Arranged 3 songs (under SEO HO(10026781))