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    I. Introduction:

    ONEWE (원위, formerly known as MAS and M.A.S 0094) is a five-member boy band currently under RBW. They released their first single "Butterfly, Searching for Flowers" on August 15, 2015 and officially debuted on August 2, 2016 on SBS MTV's The Show.

    The group was transferred to RBW in May 2017 and renamed to simply MAS. In June 2018, their name was changed again to ONEWE and re-debuted on May 13, 2019 with the single "1/4".

    Their former name M.A.S 0094 was an acronym for 'Make A Sound' and the number 0094 signifying the birth years of the youngest and oldest memberS.

    Dongmyeong has a twin brother named Dongju (Xion from ONEUS). He is the older twin by a minute.

    II. Members:

    Yong Hoon (용훈) Leader, Main Vocalist, Keyboard, Guitar 2015–present

    Harin (하린) Drums, Beatbox 2015–present

    Kang Hyun (강현) Guitar 2015–present

    Dong Myeong (동명) Lead Vocalist, Keyboard 2015–present

    CyA (키아) Rapper, Bass, Maknae 2015–present

    III. Discography:



    Studio albums

    One (2020)

    Demo albums

    Studio We : Recording (2020)

    Single albums

    "Memory : Illusion" (2020)

    Digital singles

    "1/4" (2019)

    "2/4" (2019)

    "3/4" (2020)

    "Parting" (2020)


    "Last Song" (with ONEUS) (2018)


    Digital singles

    "Reminisce About All" (2019)

    M.A.S 0094

    Mini albums

    Feeling Good Day (2016)

    Make Some Noise (2017)

    Digital singles

    "Butterfly, Searching for Flowers" (2015)

    "Starlight" (2016)

    IV. Filmography:

    Reality shows

    I Will Debut (Olleh TV Mobile, 2018)

    V. Writing & Producing:

    Source: https://www.komca.or.kr/foreign2/eng/S01.jsp

    Kanghyun Has Written, Composed, & Arranged 20 songs (under KANG HYUN GOO(10010857))

    CYA Has Written, Composed, & Arranged 31 songs (under CYA(10010930))

    Yonghoon Has Written, Composed, & Arranged 22 songs (under JIN YONG HOON(10012068))

    Dongmyeong Has Written, Composed, & Arranged 5 songs (under SON DONG MYEONG(10012069))

    Harin Has Written, Composed, & Arranged 7 songs (under JU HA RIN(10012122))