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    OnceTaglist ONCEs, I said this before but Imma say it again :(((((

    On my Instagram stories, I can use most TWICE songs except for these ORIGINAL versions (English and remixes are still there): I Can't Stop Me, Alcohol-Free, and Scientist.

    All titles before, More & More, and then after the three we have The Feels, Talk That Talk, Set Me Free,.. and all the B-sides are still there, but the three title mentioned above are nowhere to be found.

    I went back to my old IG stories using them and they said "This music is currently unavailable". I even made a reel using Alcohol-Free before but its muted now.

    I don't understand why, can anyone go to their IG to check?

    If the problem applies to you too, I wonder why they removed those sounds.


    I just don't know if I want a summer Twice by collapsedone or a Twicetober by Lindgren or JYP...

    If it is a summer TWICE, in my personal opinion, JYP is my vote because Alcohol-Free was one of my faves.

    And I strongly disapprove Lindgren.

    Collapsedone would be amazing because I really like their songs recently, mostly after The Feels.

    Or maybe the producer who produced Dance The Night Away as well.

    I agree with you, most especially the promotion thingy. That was why Alcohol-Free did well, a great K-Pop type song and good promotions in Korea. Pop did well in Korea after promotions as well.

    I Got You was amazing for me, just because I'm a ONCE. People who are not ONCEs might not replay that song. I think we should be promoting a title track first AND a b-side that has an MV later on, no more pre-releases. The Feels and Moonlight Sunrise got such amazing numbers compared to Scientist and Set Me Free (and the pre-releases were better than the title as well).

    Not always. I mean, we've seen a LOT of average MV with a trash song having 2-300M+ views, while amazing MV's and great songs literally can't achieve more than 50M. So, if we ignore the mainstream groups, I agree with you. Nowadays, it's all about the hype, not the song or the MV.

    I do agree. Because I mostly follow mainstream groups, that is my answer.

    A trash song might be "catchy" to some ppl and end up getting millions sometimes just because of the hype.

    Oh well, DDU-DU DDU-DU is my least favorite song from BP, and it was the song which hit big.

    On the other hand, Lovesick Girls is one of my faves, but the views aint running faster than How You Like That.

    From my perspective of TWICE, my ultimate, I can clearly see Fancy and The Feels, being two of the most well-liked songs, are getting much more "consistent views over time" than those that might have exploded views at first but slowed down over time like Yes Or Yes and More & More.

    And to note that Fancy had quite a disappointing MV in my perspective, the music takes the cake. Yes Or Yes is my fav song from TWICE though, but I get it when it gets slower over time.

    One more incident, Not Shy by ITZY went to 100M faster than Wannabe because MIDZYs streamed it well, but over time, we can see that Not Shy ran slowly, and Wannabe still had a very decent number of views.

    So for me it is kinda based on what the public likes and if the fandom is "young" and "good at streaming".

    I Got You was great! I knew it wasn't meant to be too popular since it is a song dedicated to ONCEs. TWICE loves that song, I do too. Also it was a pre-release guys, not the title.

    Taste can be different. Jeongyeon didn't like Alcohol-Free, but it did good. Tzuyu loved The Feels. Jihyo liked Dance The Night Away.

    Set Me Free and Scientist are my least favorite TWICE title tracks. Moonlight Sunrise and Set Me Free are not my type of songs, but TWICE chose them, I think I don't agree with them that much. However, I think it is seasonal, because I really did like I Got You.

    I hope TWICE would work again with some other producers instead of Lindgren.

    To be fair, Melanie has two songs that I absolutely love that being I Can't Stop Me and Cry for Me. Most Onces loves those too. I also feel good about Scientist now though I admit it isnt the catchiest but I do go back to it every so often. Set Me Free wasn't the best though. Basically she started good but the last two haven't been exact hits. She does work with tons of huge groups including the three biggest in Kpop. So I think she just has garnered a lot of respect within the kpop scene. Also her songs are pretty good but looking them over only a few have been viral hits. Really only Boys With Love did extremely well and that could just have easily been because of BTS not the song.

    but yeah she is only the writer of the lyrics so she really won't have power much over how the song sounds. Basically fans cant blame her she only wrote the lyrics

    Yes this is exactly why I won't like another LINDGREN, I'm happy they aint in composing or producing. Killin' Me Good was bgood just not too much replay value and I am saying this as a Jihyo biased. Set Me Free and Scientist dethroned Signal as my least favorite TWICE titles.