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  • Hi. Hope all is well. Are you Vietnamese American?

    • No, I am a Vietnamese and Chinese who lives in Belgium.

    • Are you fluent in Vietnamese? Obviously you are fluent in French since Belgians speak French.

    • My Vietnamese is better than the Vietnamese singer Hanni from the K-pop girl group NewJeans but not as good as the Korean V-pop soloist Han Sara.

      I am fluent in French.

      Not all Belgians are fluent in French.

      In Belgium, there are 3 official languages which are Dutch, French and German.

    • Nice! My Vietnamese isn't that good.

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  • Stop making threads like that. ;(

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  • I looked through a few of your threads and found so many songs to add to my playlist. Thank you for all your effort! <3

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  • Are you from Vietnam ? :|:|:|

    • Yes, I am Vietnamese and Chinese. :-)

      And you ?

    • hihi I'm Vienamese :|:|:|

    • Byleth, are you really Vietnamese? :wow:

    • Yes I'm Vietnamese who life in germany