• I. Introduction

    Risky is a 2021 Japanese thriller drama directed by Hara Hiroto &, Sato Ryoken. It starred Hagiwara Minori, , Miyachika Kaito, Yamashita Rio, Fukagawa Mai, Furukawa Yuki & more. It's adapted from a manga of the same name by Tachibana Azusa. The series was aired from Mar 25 to May 6, 2021 through MBS in Japan.

    II. Synopsis

    Mika Kuroda is engaged to Toru Sakurai, a high-spec boy who works for a trading company. She pushes troublesome jobs to colleagues saying I'm about to get married, and the girls in the company dislike it. Mitsutoshi Asai, a part-time job, is a good young man who helps with work without making an unpleasant face even when he sees Mika.
    One day, a message arrives from an eerie account to Mika, a hated girl in the company. Starting with that, mysterious events begin to occur around her. Mika receives a direct message as if her behaviour was being monitored, and a phone call at work calling her former fiancée "Hirose Kanata".
    On the other hand, her fiancé Toru suddenly approaches Hinata with a certain kick and has a relationship. But that was just the beginning of Hinata's horrifying revenge plan.
    A terrifyingly addictive revenge drama that takes place between five men and women. Gradually, the real faces and relationships of the mysterious characters are revealed.

    III. Trailer

    IV. Episodes

    V. OST

    VI. Reception

    Risky has gained the scores of 7.0 on Mydramalist, 7.1 on IMDB &, 7.8 on Rakuten Viki.