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    Even tho ditto has 450k ul the lower part of the chart is super low, in august u need like 80k ul to enter, now u barely need above 55k, that plus fandom streaming at night help but u can tell by the way the ul progress that is very much fandom driven

    And fans will celebrate that thinking suddebly all bgs became popular in korea and their career high on melon is not because of the low uls number. I have seen it with monsta x,now txt and probably skz and tbz next (if they comeback in the right time)

    Oop ignore my reply then

    SKZ still haven't really entered top100 though I think to date TXT are the only 4th gen BG to do so (at least multiple times, maybe AB6IX did it idk)

    Shocked The Boyz haven't achieved it yet seeing how popular they seem to be domestically (at least for 4th gen BG standards but it kinda seems like they're losing some of their hype) :pepe-magnify:

    They only couldn't last year because they missed a few spots just like txt, pretty sure all popular bgs this year Will achieve that

    TXT enter top 10 Melon is very strange. out of no where as their previous releases couldnt reach melon daily chart.

    Not that weird considering even monsta x are charting plenty of weeks on daily chart and they are just behind txt with the most streams in first 24 hours, even if previous years they couldn't enter. Chart is favoring bgs, they all will see career highs now. It started with nct dream.

    Aren't there many groups ahead them when ir comes to physical sales in 2022?

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    Even with the July update they won't be 2nd since rv and aespa (maybe IVE too) have bigger numbers

    it's really weird because in all my time as kpop fan i have only seen it happening few times but the numbers on gaon grew bigger after a few weeks, like with baekhyuun latest album. if g-idle album indeed had more hanteo than gaon for months it's really a curious case and funny how nobody ever questioned it lol

    edit: actually looking for old threads about it, I found out both 4minute and btob had these kinds of discrepancies with their previous albums so it seems to be a cube thing...

    Isn't it really weird for a group to have more hanteo sales than gaon? I remember cube being suspected of sajaegi when 4minute volumen up had bigger sales on hanteo than gaon. If anything g idle having such numbers is the fishy thing here

    you really didn't read the last part of my post. all I said is that aespa's sales are surprising at first but when you really think about it, not really. like they're matching boy groups in terms of sales. use ur reading comprehension skills pls

    Nah u wrote "we all been thinking this" meaning everyone has been agreeing with what OP said, that aespa sales aren't only shocking but also suspicious and it's not possible they are real. Maybe you are the one who should have read past the title because OP isn't talking about surprising results but about fraud, sajaegi and fake sales. Only few users like your fellow blinks agree w that.

    don't even have the energy to read through all of this but we've all been thinking this. obviously because it's uncommon for a girl group to sell this much.espc when they aren't exactly beating all girl groups in streaming.

    however I think aespa's complex storyline has turned their fandom into something that is more similar to a boy groups' fandom.

    define "we all" because right now it looks like it's only a few pressed gg stans doubting it, everyone else who follows kpop and how much the market grew isn't as shocked as you guys

    More than 900k that's for sure. Don't know how much exactly. What I have observed is that this first half of the year, specially this last month, SM focused on restocking NCT yearly projects and NCT Dream albums, it wouldn't surprise me if this second half of the year with 127's comeback they also restock some of their previous ones. It's a shame because both Neo Zone and Favorite have surpassed the million mark but they don't have a certificate because of kihnos being counted separately.

    Yeah I noticed that too that's why sadly there's no update about favorite. I hope they go all out when it's 127 and Wayv turn, I want then to get their certificates

    I think it happened once. But it wasn't only songs I didn't like, it was also a mix of losing interest on them as individuals plus realizing I didn't like their performances a lot. So they went from being my bias to just another group I like and support

    What happens more often is me being so close to stanning a group because I liked a release then they release something I don't like so I never end up becoming a fan

    It's kinda sad seeing all these blinks who I used to think were normal slowly losing their minds over a rookie group who is just minding their business singing about the black mamba and kwangya. They really became the fandom they used to fight