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    Like the groups with biggest success in the US haven't done the same things you listed multiple times? literally all big companies have such cases. hybe, yg, jype, all their top groups were part of the controversies you point out, so how it does prevent SM groups from being super big in the US when it has allowed others to be successful there? :/

    All this talk is just a big amount of generalizing that is always negative when it comes to SM idols. How can anybody put SHINee and lipsync or nct and lack of participation in the same sentences? Each group under SM has different qualities just like not everyone under HYBE is as involved in their music like BTS or everyone in YG as popular individually as BP.

    Really can't believe how much how racist and xenophobic vibes I can get from some users here just when the topic Is about SM groups. Don't like their music or groups in general? Okay, ignore them then.

    But is it necessary to think about reasons why others don't like them and link it to common racist tropes like "asians are cloned" "USA taste is superior than China's" "koreans are plastic" "they dance like robots, can't write their own music, they are puppets"

    Like you guys also stan korean idols and advocate for less asian hate yet act like the usual ignorant racist who thinks all asians are the same when it comes to SM groups. Leave your company stan behavior behind and see what's wrong with your way of thinking.

    Not even 1 group in sm gives me western appeal. From members having cloned faces, experimental music, groups having several members, the concept, perfect persona, by the book complex dance, not much artistry, etc.

    This isn't a bad thing though since they were the first ones to open kpop and many of their traits was adapted by others but they really shouldn't try too hard on making it to the west when they're the opposite of what westerners like. Maybe focus on their target audience which is mainly the Asian audience. Too bad China banned idols entering in their country, they could have gained so much $$$ there even without western money.

    Now why is cloned faves used to drag SM groups, that's such a weird comment and gives racist vibes.

    And it's clear you don't know what you are talking about because SM groups have very different appeals and what you describe as a particular SM group attribute is very false. Many members? Aespa, RV fx, SHINee have 4-5 members. They are very different from nct and suju.

    Perfect persona act is just so dumb, every single idol IS trained to be perfect in public yet many break that image once they aren't rookies anymore. It was never exclusive to SM or do you ignore all these idols talking about how their companies forced a certain image on them, the dating bans, the perfect boyfriend act etc in fact sm idols like suju and SNSD were the first ones to get popular in variety shows due to their relatable and funny personality which broke the idol image.

    Artistry? The nct members have been more involved in their music this year than some of these "popular groups in the US" have been in their whole careers, be serious.

    This whole "westerners have superior taste and they like real artists" is such a big lie, can't believe how people still have that mentality of anything western related=better or superior.

    was she in charge of "ice cream cake"? because a lot of the mv shots and styling were questionable. I remember it happened in the same year as IU's huge lolita controversy with "twenty-three" (even tho she was already an adult) and when people tried to point out the double standards of underage yeri in "ice cream cake" those people were dog piled. so min heejin (or maybe just red velvet fans) def had her defenders back in 2015 along with the critics.

    From what I saw on twitter she was in charge of SM groups up until 2017 and she was credited for working on nct dream's MFAL (good song, weird mv and styling) and ICC really looks like her work

    Yeah it indeed was hers.

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    She was in charge of early red velvet too? Because the ice crean cake era had MHJ vibe and I don't mean it as positive. I guess there's a reason why I couldn't stan SM groups back then now I'm a nctzen and love aespa + some of their other groups recent concepts. Sherlock was such a great song and the performances were A+ but these concept pics were TOO much for 13-years-old me. Something about Pink Tape/Shadow mv track was very interesting but also had too grown vibes for me

    Aren't there many groups ahead them when ir comes to physical sales in 2022?

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    Even with the July update they won't be 2nd since rv and aespa (maybe IVE too) have bigger numbers

    it's really weird because in all my time as kpop fan i have only seen it happening few times but the numbers on gaon grew bigger after a few weeks, like with baekhyuun latest album. if g-idle album indeed had more hanteo than gaon for months it's really a curious case and funny how nobody ever questioned it lol

    edit: actually looking for old threads about it, I found out both 4minute and btob had these kinds of discrepancies with their previous albums so it seems to be a cube thing...

    Isn't it really weird for a group to have more hanteo sales than gaon? I remember cube being suspected of sajaegi when 4minute volumen up had bigger sales on hanteo than gaon. If anything g idle having such numbers is the fishy thing here

    Nct is also 3rd gen you can't mention RV having big international fanbase but not them like...

    aespa are also breaking SM ggs records on international charts like Spotify, billboard, etc