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  • 4d! how are you doing?

    • Hi zuzu! I'm good I came back to buy some new badges,how are you? Did you watch the txt show that was live some minutes ago? I saw it trending on twitter

    • no, i haven't watched it. lol

      i will later though. i had some friends go though i don't think anyone stayed for txt though haha

  • hey, do you want to participate to the produce game ? here's a link :


  • hi 4d, how are you?


    • Bored since there's no news from jungwoo so I'm visiting the forum again, I'm catching up with some updates here! Thanks for asking :merongk:

    • yeah, its pertty dead for the neos aside from dream's comeback haha. what did you think of the teasers?:alpaca-happily:

    • I think they are very interesting and giving me futuristic/editorial vibes so far, but I didn't watch the YouTube content yet so my idea of the concept is only based on the pics, I just hope I'll like the song like I did with all the previous releases. I actually trust dem jointz lol and you? Are you excited for the comeback?

    • im on the same page as you lol

      i haven't taken out time to watch them yet, and im getting the same vibes. im excited to see what they come up this time... i hope they keep true to the dream sound though :pleading:

    • Yeah, I'm hoping for something youthful+Summer vibes, I'm curious to see how dem jointz will fit them

      Ive are also coming back soon so I'm well fed

  • 4d can i have 10 akorns pls?

    help this poor innocent child

    kittyCry at 2x

    • Oh of course! I'm just going to learn how ir works first because i don't know how to send akorns, if you see I sent the akorns it means I was successful lol

    • i just saw the transfer, yes it worked thank you

      kittyCry at 2x

  • 4d!!

    what did you think of eleven? i loved it so much im already stanning them ;(

    • Hi!! It's been a long time since I was active here 😭

      I really liked it! May not surpass stayc's so bad yet as my favorite debut song from recent years but it's better than I expected, it's great! and I loved the girls! Especially Rei's slow parts and Liz vocals<3

      I really appreaciate how easy to listen their tones are and they also have a good energy as group. Definitely a great choice for debut song from Starship and if I didn't have nct as bias group (meaning I'm broke AF) I would buy their album ;(

    • me too! i love how well everything was. they all fit together so well, and wonyoung isn't outshining them like people were "worried" about lmao. they're all extremely talented and their voices. ugh, perfection <3

    • I wasn't sure about Lee Seo debuting but she's so good! She was able to be in par with the older and more experienced members. I'm really looking forward to her growth<3 The company really did a great job making a cohesive group and the song was great showing their potential. They didn't exaggerate and showed what they are good at. I just hope they invest as much as they did with WJSN's early concepts/MVs. That was peak kpop aesthetic for me.

      Are they in your top ggs already?

    • frr. she's actually exactly a month younger than my little sister so when i showed her, she couldn't believe it ^^

      it really was! it didn't seem like they were trying too hard, and they're performing so well as well. i love how great they are on stage.

      idk yet, i think im gonna have to wait for their next release to see if i really love them that much


    • They for sure had a great start and I trust SS ggs since WJSN and Sistar had very consistent releases imo. They just need to keep them with concepts that suit them and not make any drastic change to cute or badass.

      I'll also wait a bit to see if I can add them to my bias list and have another group to buy things from lol

      Who is your favorite member? Lee Seo really surprised me with how good she's at her age but Yujin was amazing, she's a great performer and I love how she does the killing part!

  • Your aesthetic is so cute :waterr:

    Cute dp cute sig cute badges jshhdjs :sadr:

    • Omg your profile pic scaredeme, I was like "is this for Halloween"? ~

      And thanks for the comment, I was thinking of changing it for new jungwoo era but I wasn't sure,I think the Jihan dp x jungwoo sig is my trademark lol

  • hihi idk why im not following you, but you seem like a great user and a jungwoo stan <3

    Love 1
    • im zuzu btw :)

    • Lol

      Thank you for the follow, are u a jungwoo fan too?? He slayed this era <3

    • well he's not by bias, but ofc i have a deep appreciation for him <3

      he totally did, i wasn't sure how i was feeling about his hair when i first saw it, but he pulls it off so well!!

    • and they gave him so many killing parts, I'm really thankful for this era as a fan!

      and btw which group/idols do you stan? maybe we share fandoms so that's why you followed me lol

    • my ults are strays kids, nct, txt, aespa, itzy, and gidle :)

      i mainly followed you because you're in neo city tho :smirks2: