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    GP mean all people, this therefore includes young children up to the elderly. Do you really think Blackpink's music is something the GP loves in Korea? I'm not Korean, honestly we can't say what they think but I think people after 35 prefer bands like Twice, RV or MMM more than Blackpink.

    Also to say that the Blackpink fandom is not that big in Korea is really a joke. Maybe the ounces are a similar size and I'm not at all sure about that. But all the other GGs have by far a smaller fandom.

    This is the funniest statement i ever heard

    Did you just said BP i.e. the most popular girl group in korea now is less popular than at least 3 other groups? Are you korean to represent them? If we arent then the best is to see receipts

    Gallup had BP in top10, 2 BP songs in top10 last year, obviously GP knows BP more than the others who are not where to be found.

    BP is the only girl groups that was able to chart whole album in top100. Funny to claim it was only fueled by fandom as after melon reform, fandom can hardly mass stream a song to make it into top100, needless to say, whole album

    hylt came out only 2 months after nonstop. u would expect that hylt would outchart them bcs its newer but in reality, both dolphin and nonstop are already outperforming it despite being older. dolphin is also about to outchart lsg in a matter of time.

    yes, hylt did peak at #1, but nonstop and dolphin are showing insane longevity. both songs are getting more streams than hylt

    Again, as people mentioned here, BP songs generally have bad longevity once they are below top50, but HYLT is still holding up well.

    And are you just gonna ignore LSG just because it doesnt fit into your narrative? Newer song, higher ULs, higher chart position now?

    If anything, Rosé solo songs should be a good indicator of how the group at least will be performing on the chart. Technically, chart performance should be better for group

    Hun, in case you missed the point of the thread

    OP actually asked about "now", not overall consistency

    Of course it is sensible to put Brave Girl into the picture as their next release is definitely gonna be a hit. Also, it makes 100% sense to take into account performance of latest releases.

    Putting Twice, Red velvet up there just because of their previous hit which was 2 years+ ago, doesnt make sense to me. OMG just landed their latest song on #11 melon. That's impressive and certainly put them over the two for now (until their comeback outdo Omg)

    This bound to happen to all groups, including BP and BTS in future.

    I saw one user's post yesterday and I kinda agreed

    People liked Twice because they were a place for comfort. Their songs are fun and cheerful, they're great to relax mind after a hectic day.

    Ever since Twice changed sound, i dont see korean actually giving them as much support as before. So that's definitely a declining trend. But going into mature sound, they gain more fans internationally.

    anyways, how many downloads do you all think hylt and lsg have by now knowing digital download sales went down by50%.. im guessing 1.4m at most for hylt and 900k for lsg

    All i know is it gonna take ass long time for newer hits to get certifications for downloads

    power up was literally a chart topper.. with paks, although it had ASS longevity

    Power up did well initially from the hype / riding success of Red Flavor (previous summer hit) but honestly it didnt really hold up well. They totally killed that momentum with RBB, ZZLB and Umpahx2.

    I would say out of the top3 gen 3 GGs, RV is the least consistent. They cant seem to replicate success consistently. This also has to do with SM throwinf random songs to them hoping some with stick with GP. Pyscho is really THAT song they needed.

    Interesting topic. I'm male and personally adore Red Velvet without boundary (especially Irene) and they will always be my very favorite.

    I do really enjoy what ITZY is doing at the moment. IZ One was definitely the cutest gg.

    I've always been curious as to what makes up majority of the male kpop fan base. There's some excellent guy groups, Stray Kids is a fav. But I gravitate towards the girl groups myself and for my wife it's the opposite.

    IZ*ONE dont do cute concept for their title track though. They go for elegant concept

    The only popular GG still doing cute concept is OMG atm. With StayC and weeekly rising

    Depends on the song, but they can always do well if the GP likes the song.

    If they decide to go back into a brighter concept, it depends on if the GP is ready to receive it as well, but I think if its anything like their 2018 releases they will do just fine.

    They are also representative for the 3rd gen top ggs coming back this summer since RV, MMM, BP are all on hiatus. Their performace will be representative of whether the gp has moved on from the top 3rd gen ggs

    OMG (a 3rd gen group) already made the move first. They were the #2 GG last year