• wow you stuck around! what's up Chai! :eyebrowsr:

  • Hey! I'm official a Fake ArmyBlink like you. :crys::pepe-cross: :merongk:

    How do I join the club now that it's official? :pepe-peek: :pepe-hehe:

    • lmao how did this happen??? Also Welcome :pepe-hype:

    • Yesterday I made the mistake to talk about the "paved the way" thing and that it doesn't make sense. It was meant to be a compliment for BTS but almost everyone and their grandmothers were coming for my throat and today I wrote the thread about the national titles and well, you saw it right? X/

      Thank you :love: :love: :love:

    • Been there done that... and good on you for ignoring them lol...

  • where are you omg u used to be so active here T_T

    • a little bored with this site these days lol

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    • ahh i can understand lol. hows it going ig

      also im babdit lol i changed my name

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    • I was wondering about the username lol... Anyway how's akp treating you?

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    • its more like how im treating akp cuz im barely here lol

  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

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  • you and @monalisalove basically have the same dp lmaooo

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