• I. History

    The South Korean male duo TVXQ debuted under SM Entertainment in 2003 as a boy group with 5 members (Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Changmin, and Junsu) in it - the group's debut song was called "Hug", and they entered the Japanese market a year later in 2004 with a Japanese version of that song. That same year, TVXQ released their first South Korean full album, Tri-Angle, which featured their debut song as well as songs like "Thanks To" and the eponymous "Tri-Angle" (a collaboration with labelmates BoA and TRAX) - from then on, they continued to release new Japanese singles, and also released a Chinese version of "Tri-Angle" in 2005.

    Even though TVXQ managed to release a South Korean album titled Mirotic in 2008, a year later in 2009, they were unable to release any South Korean albums due to the JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu) lawsuit that was filed that year, meaning the period between that and 2011 was filled with a lot of Japanese content from the group - TVXQ finally made another South Korean comeback in 2011 with the full album of Keep Your Head Down (now as the duo of Yunho and Changmin), and they've been a duo ever since.

    II. Discography

    III. South Korean full albums

    1. Tri-Angle (2004)
    2. Rising Sun (2005)
    3. "O"-Jung.Ban.Hab. (2006)
    4. Mirotic (2008)
    5. Keep Your Head Down (2011)
    6. Catch Me (2012)
    7. Tense (2014)
    8. New Chapter #1 (2018)

    IIII. South Korean single albums

    1. Hug (2004)
    2. The Way U Are (2004)
    3. Hi Ya Ya (2005)
    4. Fighting Spirit (2006)

    IIIII. Japanese full albums

    1. Heart, Mind and Soul (2006)
    2. Five in the Black (2007)
    3. T (2008)
    4. The Secret Code (2009)
    5. Tone (2011)
    6. Time (2013)
    7. Tree (2014)
    8. With (2014)
    9. Tomorrow (2018)
    10. XV (2019)