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    Me After You is about to leave Melon top 100. Finally. Let's hope it doesn't re-enter

    And seeing Soyeon make no noise on the charts is kinda baffling especially since GIDLE just had a major breakthrough earlier this year/last year and she's one of the most popular members. :melon_think:

    Soyeon was never popular.

    She is well appareciated by fanbase (but there are many unjust hates for her too due to line distribution)

    And yea, group success =/= solo success

    YooA is classic example and she was the most popular OMG member back then

    August outside of lisa won't matter. Tbh i am not sure how she'll do in Korea. Should have a decent peak. Sunmi may surprise.

    RV comeback was supposed to happen in August but no news.

    We have somi also right?

    Though i dont think she will do well on chart given the long hiatus, her momentum kinda gone. But if she is given a very good song by teddy, might be her breakthrough

    Finally, I dig one up, it was hard to find tbh. Here you go:

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    Now I want to see Mina to do that part

    im not really sure

    Take AOA as example

    During their peak, they had back to back hits like Miniskirt, Like a cat, Heart attack. 3 at least and their physical was above 40k (which was very high at that point of time, even higher than sistar girls day etc)

    But i dont think anyone recognised them as one of the top GG

    So to me, u need more than just hits. U need to have a strong brand. Like OMG, they are almost there, they have hits, decent physcial not top tier, and some members are popular. Many consider them as one of the top too

    Baek Yerin too :cryingr: I think lack of real-time exposure hurt them alot.

    Or maybe the koreans werent really into music at that time... except two-three groups

    The tide totally turned in 2021

    BG going viral definitely kind of reignite love for kpop

    And SG wannabe recharting many songs after YJS show, suddenly the music chart is super dynamic again.

    if she followed the footsteps of taeyang and released a ballad in korean, she would be a huge star in korea with her debut album. But she chose a completely different direction

    She has her music vision to follow, so yeah

    Imagine she drops a ballad like how she covered Because I Love U in sea of hope. She will definitely do MUCH better on korean chart (not sure about international)

    Exactly I agree. Miyeon is also shoved to the side or back because dancing is her weakness. I recall people actually criticised Jisoo when in the debut days her dancing skill wasnt on par with other members. But jisoo is so hardworking, her dancing skills improved drastically, especially with DDDD/Forever Young era

    Actually till this day we still dont know the reason Miyeon left. Many said that she was supposed to debut but she left last minute. Many rumors about her leaving because of dating but it was debunked. If she was indeed eliminated, it is likely she didnt impress YHS back then like Seungri did to keep him in the final lineup.

    We wouldnt really know what would happen if they stayed in YG and ended up in debut line. I like them as four now but it is always fun to imagine if more members debut with them :P

    Imo, Miyeon is technically a better vocal as she is super stable and not pitchy (but not a good dancer). Rosé tends to be more nasal on higher notes which sound harder on ear, I am saying this with Rosé as my bias. Rosé actually sounds much better in mid range or even low range (watch her covers in sea of hope, she slayed Because I love u)

    Actually i could imagine Miyeon's vocal in Blackpink song, because she covered Park Bom very well in Fire during Queendom, and Bom would naturally fit super well in any Teddy songs. But honestly, Rosé has much more stage presence than Miyeon. Miyeon really needs to work more on her expression and charisma. In her group, she is easily outshined by Soyeon, Minnie, Soojin and Yuqi.

    The solos actually represent the individual member's style much better than BP OT4 materials.

    Jennie - fierce and strong

    Rosé - mellow and sentimental

    I love them all actually as they show versatility and diversity. I mean, what's the purpose of going solo if they all replicate BP's sound and not showing their true musical identify?? Especially in the case of Rosé, I personally think she doesnt like BP's usual genre a lot, if u know what kind of songs she's into (bleeding love, Since u been gone, because of you etc)

    I expect Lisa to have a very hardhitting dance track cause that's her core. Something like Jessi's Nunu Nana / CL's The Baddest Female

    It doesn’t work when you compare k-pop releases to western artists. They release albums with a ton of songs. Even up to five times the amount on one album that some groups release in a year or more, depending on how bad their management is. It’s completely different.

    That's the problem with kpop fans. As kpop companies keep a constant release schedule (EP, minis and digital singles) to get $$, kpop fans are generally pampered.

    In western world, one album can be dragged for so long (due to promoting few singles) and longer hiatus between albums are tolerable. Having 8 songs to last for a year or two is VERY COMMON. The Fame Monster had 8 songs only and the next release BTW was 1.5 years later. Adele's 25 only have 11 songs and people still enjoy it till this day. And they have very limited contents too. Pretty sure BP is going down the route of western pop instead of modern kpop (which need constant new music to stay in the eye of public)

    But honestly i can see trends start to shift in the western world too. Artists like Ariana, Taylor and Dua Lipa are releasing new albums constantly and close to each other. They are becoming more like kpop release schedule (which is something i dont like). It doesnt allow albums to live to their full potential.

    Afterall, if fan likes a group because of the music, they will be okay with the wait. Music is diverse, you can listen to others while waiting for your fave.