Golden Disk

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    The Golden Disk Awards is one of the most important music award shows in the K-pop entertainment industry in South Korea. According to the United Press International news agency, the awards are called the "Korean Grammys". In 1986, the award was given for the first time. At that time, it was called the Korea Visual and Records Grand Prize Award. Its current name since 2001. The Awards are given to the most successful musicians of the past year, the most prestigious award being the one for "Disk Daesang" (Grand Prize).

    Most grand prizes awarded artists:

    Awards Artist
    5 BTS
    4 EXO
    3 SNSD - Girls Generation
    Jo Sung-mo
    Kim Gun-mo
    SG Wannabe
    Super Junior
    2 Byeon Jin-Seob
    Shin Seung-hun

    Most Awards Overall:

    Awards Artist
    24 BTS
    20 Super Junior
    18 EXO
    15 Girl's Generation
    13 Shinee
    12 Beast
    Shin Seung-hun