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    Blink opinions vary. Some blinks liked say ic while others didn't same for hylt. Same for OTG.

    I agree with the vibe of the songs. Artists the most integral part of the song. They can make or break a song.

    I think hylt was more polarizing overall. And also ppl already labeled it as d4 version 3 lol.

    I actually agree that HYLT was the most polarizing (after KTL of course). Not helping when three of those songs have similar song structure and are the title tracks.

    Pretty Savage is actually the more unique song done by Teddy recently and distinct from those 3. It should've been promoted somewhere as prerelease/ title. But can see why HYLT over PS cause the former can create more hype!!

    Or maybe, Blackpink is not conforming to kpop landscape to have constant releases to stay in lime light? They are more like western pop singers who release one album every year and ride on that until the next. In this way, they are not overworked, and fans have break between releases to explore other groups out there.

    for example take Momoland. BBoom bboom was a huge viral/hit song, but afterwards other their songs performed worth than chi mat ba ram, not even on the level of we ride and people didn't really get interested in their other songs. But we also have EXID, which was different case, but you never know how things will end up. So I think brave girls are really brave, at least they sold 71k albums !!!

    Exid wasnt any better. Only Ah Yeah did decently and after that everything is on downward trend

    I don't know why people don't bring up Forever Young when it comes to naming songs that rise during Summer. That song almost ALWAYS rises on the Daily charts during Summer(along with AIIYL) which help their longevity alot.

    People like to confine "summer songs" to bright beach concept songs and they forgot that AIIYL and FY both were promoted during summer too.

    Would it be praised? I think there would be more criticism overall lol. All bp songs receive lashings since d4 minus lsg i think.

    Im not talking about haters but Blinks in general.

    Sometimes certain artist make a song works (better).

    Example, D4 would not be as good if it's not performed by BP. Sometimes a group/idol carry a song and bring it to another level

    I just think Somi gave Dumb dumb a cuter/relaxed twist than it should. Had it been done by Lisa, i personally think it would work just as good (or even better). I can see Lisa 100% slaying the drop in chorus with a harder and sharper dance

    Edit: LSG got more lashes for being boring and generic LOL. They could never please everyone. There's a group of fans that want bangerz like D4, KTL, HYLT and there are others that want diversity

    Their multiple streaming certifications say otherwise.

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    MTE. No one expects BP physical to do much more in japan

    Even though I don't follow Somi I usually look forward to her comeback and have also liked her previous releases.

    With this comeback its quite shocking that Teddy would let her release such a mediocre song inspite of having a long hiatus...

    Teddy has mostly done good with BP and even though he doesn't delivery on quantity there is a certain level of quality he is known for but with release its kinda making we worry for Lisa.

    Stop acting like Dumb Dumb is a bad song

    If it is released by any Blackpink member, it would be praised to the sky.

    The song has interesting structure and catchy hooks. It might not be the best song but definitely not lackluster in any sense. Not every song meant to be banger. There are many easy to ear songs out there.

    Seems like people really held Teddy to such sky high standard that every song he produces must be 'better than the last' or 'instant banger'. Didnt know all of you anticipate so much from a producer who 'recycled his sound'. If he makes a banger like HYLT, y'all will be screaming this is another DDDD4.0. He produces something different, it is flop and generic LOL

    Kpop is definitely not losing its appeal or fans. I am more curious about the industry POV whether they will tolerate another big non English act or this is all just a ruse and they are just cashing in on the moment

    i think the west has been gatekeeping invasion of kpop but somehow many groups sitll able to make it through. I can see kpop will eventually lose its appeal but still, there are many years to go

    i guess it is a preference thing

    But imo YG has been shaping their artist as soloist despite in the group. On one hand it created many akgae but it also helped in a way that the idol is seem separable from the group. Good examples are BP, Winner and Big Bang. CL too. Of course there are other examples in other companies, esepcially Sunmi, Taeyeon

    For other companies, i often see the problem of the idol not separable from the group they belong to. For example, YooA's solo didnt really make her standout as a soloist from OMG. And this is often the reason i think these solo fail to make an impact

    wow. i don't listen to both lady gaga and ariana and i had no idea this was a thing. i was wondering where was the 2nd chorus here and why was it cut, the song sounds unfinished. now i know why. it's stupid.

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    i know that in lyrics "all the lights" part is labeled as chorus but that's clearly pre chorus and bridge "shine, step into the light" is the actual chorus. ridiculous. somebody stop this nonsense.

    A very bad trend but cant help.

    In the era of streaming, songs are getting shorter to get more streams. Has become a norm, which I really hate it

    I do think she could fit in ITZY and be the most popular member, but, she wont be getting $$ from being in ITZY. JYP held gg members back from solo activities and CF is one major stream of income

    I do think she will earn more being a soloist, but with less success in music. The lack of releases really killed her hype. If she followed up birthday with a comeback earlier, she could get a more solid fanbase. Now she just seems to have casual listeners

    Edit: maybe she just need a boost. WYWF was super good but still didnt smash in korea. YG/Black Label need to promote her in better way. So far YG has been pretty good with promotion of their idols (minus lack of content). Maybe TheBlackLabel should learn from YG, or get BP to collab with Somi or get Mino/Bobby featuring