• I. Introduction

    FIFTY FIFTY (피프티피프티) is a four-member girl group under Attrakt Creative Group.

    The CEO of Attrakt, Jeon Hong-joon, had to sell his car to cover production costs after recording Fifty Fifty's debut album at a friend's studio, according to the South Korean outlet, The Korea Economic Daily.

    Quote from The Korea Economic Daily

    I hadn't even thought of Billboard. We had no money for global marketing, so I went around visiting local label companies and asked them to listen to our music at least once,

    Fifty Fifty eventually made their debut on November 18, 2022, with their first EP The Fifty.

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    However, debuting late in 2022, which was a huge, competitive year for rookie girl groups the members felt immense pressure to do well.

    It would be a lie if I said that we weren’t pressured at all to join this long list of groups debuting in 2022. We felt a great responsibility, because we wanted to show ourselves and stand out amongst them. But we tried to put down that pressure and anxiety, and focused as much as possible to be ourselves, to dance and sing on stage. [We believed] that if we worked harder, then we would naturally be able to stand out.”

    And just three months after their debut, FIFTY FIFTY returned with their new single album ‘The Beginning: Cupid on February 24, 2023. Cupid swept fans off their feet across Twitter and TikTok, eventually reaching the ears and earning the praise of music critics both domestically and internationally.

    But the English language version of the song — dubbed the “Twin Version” — went nuclear on TikTok and Fifty Fifty found themselves with a global hit.

    II. Members

    Name: Keena (키나)
    Birthday: October 9, 2002
    Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist
    Name: Saena (새나)
    Birthday: March 12, 2004
    Position: Main Dancer, Leader, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
    Name: Sio (시오)
    Birthday: October 6th, 2004
    Position: Main Vocalist

    Name: Aran (아란)
    Birthday: October 11, 2004
    Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Makna

    III. Discography

    IIII. EPs

    • The Fifty (2022)

    IIIII. Videography

    IV. Trivia

    • In 2018, Saena was a former Dancing High contestant part of Team Hoya.
    • BesTie inspired Saena to be a K-pop idol.

    When I was younger, I watched this four-member girl group called BESTie performing on TV and smiling brightly onstage. I absolutely fell for their performance and that inspired me to dream of becoming an artist and idol

    • Aran's favourite singers are John K, Loco, DEAN, and Crush.
    • Aran's role model is Ariana Grande.
    • Aran grew up watching K-pop group Girls' Generation, and recalls dancing to their song "Gee" while she was getting a hair perm.
    • Aran's goal is to release R&B and hip-hop music, and perform them as Fifty Fifty.
    • Keena participated in writing their debut song ‘Higher’ lyrics.
    • Keena started dreaming of becoming an artist after watching a concert video of K-pop group Apink.
    • Keena participated in writing the lyrics for the Korean version of "Cupid."
    Quote from Kenna shared in the interview with NME

    I wanted to show Fifty Fifty's own interpretation of Cupid, rather than the generic perception of it as a symbol.

    • Sio's special talent is meowing like a cat.
    • Sio's childhood ambition was to become a writer as she enjoys writing and reading.
    • Sio always wanted to become a person who can express herself well and decided to become an idol to express herself through music and dance.
    • Sio's goal is to eventually become an artist who can also write and produce to truly express herself.
    • Fifty Fifty's "Cupid" went viral on TikTok, with the hashtag #cupidchallenge at almost 108 million views.
    • Fifty Fifty's "Cupid," became the fastest K-pop act to make it into Billboard's Hot 100 chart.
    • Their group name 'Fifty Fifty' means '50 vs 50', which means a '50:50' probability, and contains the meaning of 'ideal' and 'reality' respectively.

    V. Other Social Media