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    Jessica Jung is a fashion designer, authoress, actress and soloist currently haphazardly managed by Coridel Entertainment. Formerly the main vocalist of Girls' Generation, Jessica was removed from the group in 2014 following disputes with the group over her fashion company, Blanc. Jessica is affectionately known as "Boss Jung" for her ability to tackle numerous endeavors and find success in each one. Since 2016, Jessica has been a soloist under Coridel Entertainment and has released 3 EPs, 3 Singles and is diligently procrastinating releasing her next album. All of her albums are among the top 15 best selling of female soloists

    In 2014, Jessica launched her fashion company Blanc, which notably specialized in luxury eyewear. Currently known as Blanc & Eclare, it has since expanded to include skincare, ready-wear and accessories. Located in over 60 stores worldwide.

    Her debut novel, Shine was released September 30th, 2020 (the anniversary of her removal from Girls' Generation) and has since made New York Times Bestseller List. The follow-up novel, Bright, will be released fall of 2021

    Jessica is also known as the elder sister of f(x) lead vocalist and actress Krystal Jung.

    Jessica enjoys spending time with her friends and family, walking her pet lizard, traveling extensively, not releasing music, drinking wine and listening to jazz


    With Love J, (EP): 2016

    Wonderland (EP): 2016

    Because It's Spring (Single): 2017

    My Decade (EP): 2017

    Call Me Before You Sleep (Single): 2019

    Beep Beep: 2023