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    Some of my absolute faves that I'd recommend easily

    The expanse

    X files

    Full metal alchemist (I know it's an anime but it's so well written and engaging it's better than a lot of TV shows)

    Stranger things


    It's always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Breaking bad

    Doctor Who (though I haven't really liked it since Matt Smith left, Capaldi isn't really likeable and while I like Whittakker her stories are dog shit)

    Wanda vision


    And there's more I'm forgetting lol

    Imo no.

    SNSD absolutely dominated Korea more than Twice. We all know SNSD as a music group but their bigger impact was outside music where they were seen as cultural icons rather than just another very popular music group. They were basically a mini entertainment industry by themselves

    Japan is Twice (though SNSD, Kara and and everyone else careers in Japan was cut short because eof Japan essentially cutting back on kpop so who knows what could've happend)

    Worldwide is tough. On the one hand Twice certainly has more exposure now due to better and more expansive tech and you could argue lots of even mid tier groups have more exposure than SNSD did for the same reasons (eg Momoland has a bigger viewed MV than any of SNSD's) but on the other SNSD were the biggest kpop group in the world at the time and directly responsible for expanding kpop globally in a time where kpop was almost non existent outside East Asia. It's a case of comparing different times which is very difficult but I think the popularity and impact SNSD had in their time was bigger than what Twice have in theirs currently.

    Ok I agree you didn't explicitly say there was bullying in SNSD and whether Tae was part of in some way. But the thread is about bullying and you did say a strong leader should help prevent that. Then when you brought up Taeyeon and given then context of the thread I assumed you were trying to make a link a there. Apologies if I took the point and ran with it a bit too far.

    But still I do have to disagree with most of your points. Sure Taeyeon and Jessica at times was hard to watch like at the same time they were still professional about it. We've seen recently how far idols behave BTS and how some have to suffer because of it but so far neither Taeyeon nor Jessica got up to any serious shit. And if anything did happen then surely one of them would've spoken up by now, particularly Jessica. But nothing. So other than pure speculation it's a moot point to assume they hated each and couldn't stand one another, maybe on camera they were awkward (Tae and Hyo are the self confessed awkward couple but you don't see any irritation between them for edample), maybe it's we just saw everything out of context or maybe they really did have problems. We simply don't know.

    As for other members being leaders, like I said, there's no gauge for counts as a good leader. All the members like and respect Tae, she's a good speaker and a good entertainer (when she's feeling well). Imo that's hallmarks a of a good leader, I don't see what exactly someone else could bring to distguish themselves as being better.

    You brought up Sunny. She's mentioned multiple times that she likes being on her own (she's more like a homebody with cats nowadays lol) and shes more hands off. On solo TV apps she's regularly been more mellow and less of the hectic SNSD member we've seen her as. Arguably you could say that this is Sunny true nature which would go against the usual strong leader types and is actually closer to Taeyeon in personality. Someone like Tiffany is more outspoken sure but let's not forget for years she was the weakest at Korean and often the but off jokes bceuase of it. Non fans looking on would simply see a person who can't even speak properly somehow attempt to take control of other strong willed girls and you can bet your house antis would have a field day with her, I mean they already think she's fake and puts on a happy go lucky personality and that's her being her. Having a leader be targeted that much would really affect her and maybe even affect peoples image of the group.

    For all it's worth I think Taeyeon did and a fantastic job and Sones have seen SNSD dynamics enough that sure another member might bring something new to the table but there's no guarantee that it will anything radically different. After all like I said SNSD can function without a leader telling them exactly what to do so even if say Sunny was in change who's to say for example Hyo, Soo and Yuri don't get up to their usual mischief because if they do then nothing has fundamentally changed. It's still SNSD, they'll do things their way regardless of who the actual leader is.

    I don't follow Twice so I don't know how Jihyo is but I could simply look for clips or whatever and find instances of other members doing better jobs or Jihyo herald not acting as expected of a true leader and then I could say X should be leader isntead. Imean from shows I've seen of them at times it seems like Nayeon is the more outspoken and out going character so I could argue she's more leader material in her than Jihyo. That is obviously an unfair of doing things and if people do that to Taeyeon then of course they'll have perceptions of hich may be out of context or be farther than the truth, which ignoring her role as leader has HEAVILY affected some casuals and Antis views on her and led to her to getting a shit toon of hate

    Wait wait so letme get this straight. You think a strong leader would be one that strpops or prevents any bullying going and keeps them in line yet you single out Taeyeon as some sort of weak leader when all the evidence trough the years directly and categorically disputes your assumption of her.

    Also need to clear up some misconceptions.

    First Taeyeon never stepped down. She literally said onhee radio show that it was scripted or whatever and she will forever be SNSD leader. Nothing changed.

    Second the SNSD v Jessica was never about the girls having problems with Jessica on a personal level, it was about her business and whatever issues SM had, that to this day no one outside the girls and Sm has any concrete idea on what went down. Everything is speculative. Jessica herself never bright up any mention of issues with the other members such as bullying as the reason why she was kicked out. Even if Taeyeon had some personal problems with Jessica, that never got in the way of the group (they were actually being all chummy and huggy in 2014 photos/events up to Jessica gate) as at the very least they were professional with each other in terms of the group as in they didn't publicly fight to or shit on each in the media. Otherwise you can bet Jessica would've certainly brought it up

    Now SNSD as a group have gone though a ton. They're the most popular and successful gg in Korea ever, they changed kpop forever, helped put on the international stage and along the did a number of firsts and set records. They had the highest highs and at time she lowest lows. Yet through it all, even when half group is no longer in the same company they're still super close with each other (yesterday Tae, Soo and Hyo went to Tiff musical). As we've seen recently there are groups that don't last a quarter as long as SNSD and there is already bullying going on. Some from the beginning of their groups debut. But in 13 years SNSD never had a bullying issues. So by your own logic the should have a strong leader right?

    Speaking of leader Tae herself has many times put the fans and group at the forefront. She always thanks fans, introduces herself as SNSD's Taeyeon and backs up SNSD and Sone, and even apologises to fans if she's in a scandal. She's regularly mentioned she loves her members to bits and epgets extremely lonely without them, one of the reasons why she doesn't promote as a solo. Her members have said she is always their leader and they follow what she says. In fact the members love and support Tae just as much (esp with her depression) as she does back. At times theyve taken care of her if she's getting unwell or taken the lead if there something they're better at (like sports or comedy).

    BUT SNSD aren't a group of mindless drones who rely on their leader to do anything, they still know how to behave without relying on Tae to keep them in check. They don't need Tae to tell not to bully each other, they don't need her to tell them to hang out, they don't need her to live their own lives and son on. It's not like their all quiet and obedient either, SNSD has strong personality like Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Sunny and they don't lord it up over the rest or undermine Taeyeon. Hell SNSD even forgoes the whole age seniority thing and just let the younger ones have a greater rule in the group because they're more of the trouble makers and the older members dote on them (even Seohyun can shit talk about her members, Seohyun who is super prim and proper).

    I see the regular argument of if X was leader they would do a better job or if Y was. Imean how would you know? What criteria would you use to decide who makes a better leader compared to Tae? If under Taeyeon there hasn't been any bullying then if say under Sunny like you think should be leader there's also no bullying then what exactly was the reason to replace her? It's "fixing" a problem that wasn't there. If another member wanted to be leader then they certainly could try BTS, like I said they have strong personalities to do so but at the end of the day all members have always seen Tae as their leader so what would be the point of replacing her?

    You say Jihyo of Twoce wouldnt stand for bullying but other than your own assumptions of her as fan there's no 100% guarantee that she wouldn't? Maybe there was an issue and she stood by doing nothing, maybe she was the instigator, maybe there never was an issue. How do you know if another member was in charge there wouldn't be any any problems? Simple, you dont. You can only judge on the past and now. Same as Tae and SNSD.

    If you're eveidnce is simply your own assumptions and based on what you/fans have noticed within Twice then I don't see why you look at SNSD and immediately assume Taeyeon must be a weak leader even though like Jihyo and Twice there hasn't been any bullying scandals. If anything going through all the highs and lows, lasting soon to be 14 years and still regularly being close with each shows Tae, by your own idea what a leader should be is in fact a strong leader.

    As we've seen leaders can be involved or passive in bullying. So even if there a strong leader who's to say they aren't part of the problem or even the root of it?

    I think a bigger role should be on companies. If a idol says they're being bullied then they should look into it properly instead of handwave boys/girls will be boys/girls. That sort of scenario happens in schools where teachers are aware or told about bullying but they don't act on because of guidelines or some bullshit excuse and if they do often the punishments are very weak like a couple days suspension. That does nothing to sort the situation and only keeps the victim in pain. If companies have a zero tolerance policy then a lot these problems won't continue and the victim at least has a way out of their predicament instead of silently suffering for years and years

    SONE here

    I remember everything specially when YG moved 2NE1 comeback more than 1 time to go against SNSD specially in the Mr. Mr era when the MV data was lost and then YG made an statement saying 2NE1 comeback will be delayed :-D

    That particular SNSD v 2ne1 moment was probably the most "heated" it got because everyone and their mum knew YG was using SNSD to build hype and obviously it would be them head to head for the first time. For the first time the was a some actual animosity going around because both fans wanted their faves to win on shows so everyone thought things will get a too serious this time...

    Then that infamous 4 minute win out of nowhere became the highlight and both Sone and BJ had a good laugh about it lol.

    Then the fan war ended because both groups had a shitty 2014 :-(

    There was more continuous fighting pretty much all through both groups careers but the main difference compared to now was that back then overall it was much much more jokey and trash talking instead of the hate and vitriol nowadays.

    Sone V Bj used to rely on memes to shit on each other. It was actually entertaining and kinda fun especially with creative ways ssome used (making YouTube videos, making shitty GIFs etc).. These days it's extremely toxic and even dangerous: fake rumours passed off as fact, cancel culture, death threats, doxing, bullying and so on.

    UK. Our government is greedy as fuck and extremely out of touch with the normal everyday people (just look at brexit) so I guess we would do an equivalent of the Sokovia accords from Captain America civil war, either you follow the gov laws (which they no doubt will find a way to make money from heroes) or your an illegal vigilante that no one should look up to. Basically Boris Johnson would be J Jonah Jameson

    I'm just trying to get a consensus because when Joy did it some people didn't like it

    I see, In that case I personally think CA with hair idiotic because everyone has hair, everyone should be allowed to do whatever they want with it regardles of race or sex or even of looks good or not (I have acouple old embarrassing pics of me trying to copy Beckham's mohawk hair back in theday lol)