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    It is not a controversial opinion, they dropped those 3 songs with an obvious purpose to expand their global dominance. Once people get to know them because of those songs they should listen to their other music before talking about their whole discography.

    3 songs don’t represent their music and that applies for every artist....

    My ARMY friend that is studying psychology was doing a thesis about the HYYH trilogy and asked to give my opinion as person with no expert acknowledge about topics related with mental health and addictions. I was going through the albums, videos, notes and even read some of the chapters of their book (yeah they have a book) and it is really interesting how they manage to talk about those topics in a respectful and responsable way in my opinion because they don’t romanticize them, they mention them as what they are important matters that should be discussed with no filter.

    We are talking about 2015-2016 when BTS wasn’t as big as they are now and with Kpop also having a massive growth. If they release something slightly related with any of those topic in 2022 they will get cancel left and right even if they follow the same formula of the HYYH trilogy because it will go down as marketing even if it isn’t the point because at this point they have a song title ‘Butter‘ (literally) and still have a commercial success.

    I totally get your approach and it’s valid.

    In your opinion what are the top 5 songs that represent the 3rd Generation?

    I know is hard but I want to see if everybody have a similar songs in their ranking. Remember is base in the impact it had not only locally but internationally since kpop started a full globalization in the 3rd gen.

    We have so many candidates:


    -TWICE’s Cheer Up

    -EXO’s Growl

    -GFRIEND’s Me Gustas Tu

    -IKON’s Love Scenario

    -BTS’s Spring Day/DNA

    -SEVENTEEN’s Aju Nice

    -GOT7’s Just Right

    -WINNER’s Really Really

    -Red Velvet’s Red Flavor



    Same as the others...

    1. A boygroup leading or winning something against a girlgroup is not misogyny.
    2. Most of their so called hits ain’t hits.
    3. Bside tracks are better than their titles track.
    4. Are favored on award shows specially with the duration of their performances
    5. Can’t win music shows without physical sales
    6. 2nd gen boygroups have the most hits out of all gen
    7. Boygroups sales revived in 2020
    8. Once Jin goes to military BTS will reach their peak.
    9. Korean GP just don’t give a chance to 4th gen boygroups.
    10. The last non BTS song hit in SK is Love Scenario by Ikon
    11. Wanna one would have been the 2nd biggest group of the 3rd year if they didn’t disband.

    Those aren’t my opinion but a summarize of what often kpop stans say.

    About Gaon since the album chart is base in shipments I have often see kpop stans saying it doesn’t show the real sales and that’s correct but saying Hanteo shows the real sales is false.

    Speaking about YouTube I think that is true and it’s not only for kpop but music videos overall ain’t doing the same numbers than years ago.