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    it's just something that happens with all groups eventually. if they peak later, they tend to last longer. like omg just had their big hit with dolphin/nonstop, so even if they've been around awhile they're trendy currently and can still go up. there's anomalies sometimes where older groups will get one or two hits that save them, but usually by 5-6 years there's a downturn. new groups come in, old groups fade. cycle of kpop group life ig

    I think the main and obvious reason was their change in style after Feel Special. The public seemingly aren't really fans of non cute Twice music, which is a bit odd considering girl crush has been the in trend for the last few years and cut songs are less common so you'd think Twice would've also got the same reception.

    I guess there's more to it than just music change as that alone wouldn't explain their drastic drop off in charts for a few years and multiple CBs in a row. I haven't seen that happen to a once big group unless they had a scandal, something has clearly changed with public's attitude towards Twice as a group, not just their music.

    there is probably some truth to this honestly. they've had a handful of scandals over the last couple of years, so add that to their concept change, the new generation gaining momentum, and jyp making poor choices it's kind of inevitable unfortunately

    If you don't know her then maybe you shouldn't speak for her? You claim you would be heartbroken, but then also insulted her by saying she wasn't trying her best, of "half-assing" her work.

    Doesn't sound very supportive to me.

    aw i'm sorry if you took it as me insulting her. it's just something i've been noticing in performances where she seems pretty low energy and yes, isn't at her best. twice as a whole generally have amazing charisma, and they're all talented and wonderful women, so when someone is off their game i notice. that's just my opinion, of course. i support her and think she's an insanely talented all-rounder. i'm not trying to speak for her or say that she for sure is going to leave, or stay, or do anything. i'm just saying what i personally believe might end up happening, but i don't know them personally and am also not a psychic. whatever she does, i hope she is happy :)

    I just love how so many people in this thread know Chaeyoung so well. Must be great to be such good friends with a popular idol that she's telling you how she'll feel over a year from now.

    ofc none of us know any of them personally, but i don't think i would be surprised if she left. i would be completely heartbroken lol but regardless of who stays or goes, i'll always follow my ult group. they have a special place in my heart


    It's like you read my mind lol. Chae and Jeong are precisely the two i think are most likely to leave. I think both can find their passions outside of idol life and with all the money they shouldve made and with neither of them coming from poor families, there is no need for them to re-sign unless they absolutely want to. I could easily see JY getting involved in animal welfare industry, maybe starting a dog shelter or rescue. Chae has hinted to us many times, and even directly stated, that she doesnt like being told to do stuff she doesnt want to. I think she's a free spirit. I wouldnt be shocked to read headlines the very next day after she quits talking about her secret marriage to that tattoo artist lol.

    I think as long as Twice isnt getting overworked or exploited like they were in the early years, i could see Mina and the others all re-signing. Twice looks like they're in no danger of completely falling off, their sales and even their chart performance have held up really well over 5.5 years. If other GGs can soldier on with 70k album sales per comeback, Twice can probably go on indefinitely.

    god i hope not lmao. that guy is nasty as hell, said with peace and love. but if she really is dating him or decides to marry him i'll support her <3 i just want them to be happy above all else

    as much as i love them and i'm hardcore ot9, i think some of the members are genuinely over idol life and i think with two of them going on hiatus over the last couple of years i don't think all of them will re-sign.

    i don't think jeong was ready to come back, and i have a feeling she might decide to leave which tbh if her health is still bad or she's having issues with her injuries, she should absolutely prioritize her health above all else.

    chaeyoung just looks bored as hell. she's been half-assing choreo pretty often for the last couple of years and doesn't come across as very enthusiastic about it. i get the impression that she wants to do more creative stuff and explore being an artist in ways she can't right now. i also think that she wants more freedom as a person and wants to get more tattoos and do whatever the hell she wants without worrying about her or the group's image. i can see her leaving.

    everyone else i think would stay more than likely, even mina seems like she's gotten her passion back about being idol and seems happy about being on stage again. them not getting individual activities at all or even unit stuff makes me feel a little antsy but we'll see what happens