The ultimate twice theory *quite dark*

  • I figured out the story twice are telling

    the truth is twice .........

    are ghosts(not for real)

    let me explain

    some of their M/V's show what they were like before they died and some show what they are like now that they are dead

    these m/v's show what they we're like when they were alive:


    Cheer Up

    Knock Knock(well mostly alive but also dead, i'll explain)



    Heart shaker

    What is love


    feel special

    More & More also shows their life when they were alive however this m/v take place not much before they died

    these m/v's show what they are like after they died:



    Yes or Yes


    although this song does not have an M/V "Cry for me" is important to the Twice story

    Twice's Japanese m/v's don't have anything to do with the storyline in the Korean m/v's

    ok so onto the story

    IN LOA

    this M/V shows them when they were in high school

    and Cheer up shows that they were cheerleaders in highschool

    Knock Knock most parts of the music video take place when twice were still alive

    in the scene when they start playing in the snow takes place when their already dead however they are playing cause they want to reminiscence of their life when they were once alive

    however time is up and they return to the place they are now that they are dead(the clock goes backwards)

    so they try to go back and have fun again , so they knock on the door however

    as you know in the Knock Knock m/v the book closing represents they can't

    then they disappear

    TT is connected to Knock Knock

    this is the first M/V to show what they do now that they are dead

    they are ghosts dressed up as characters

    they are in the haunted house

    Signal is them when they were high school students

    what made them different from the others is that they had powers


    in terms of the music video doesn't have too much of a story but lyric wise it does which i'll discuss later

    same thing as Likey Heart shaker just shows them having fun when they were alive but as I said lyric wise theres a story

    What is love?

    shows them watching romantic movies as they want to know more about love(again this will be important later on)


    shows them dead however only

    Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, and Mina are actually dead in the music video( in the teaser below they are wearing black, Mina's skirt is blue but the blue colour isn't important for this theory)

    Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Sana are alive(they are wearing red and white)

    Jihyo is also alive but unlike the other alive girls there is something a little different(she is wearing white but not red)

    Tzuyu is wearing red and black why?

    this implies twice didn't die together Najeonmomi died before the other girls

    since Tzuyu has a black skirt this means she will die not much later after Najeongmomi

    Watch: TWICE Adorably Hypes Their Own Comeback With “Dance The Night Away”  | Soompi

    Yes or Yes also shows them dead

    they are haunting a carnival instead of the haunted house they were in in the TT mv

    they are having fun at a carnival in their dead state


    is one of those m/v's that show them just having fun in the they were alive

    Feel special

    doesn't have much meaning to the story of twice being ghosts but their is something which as I have said many times will discuss later

    More & More and ICSM

    More & More is connected to DTNA with both being a summery kind of concept

    More & More shows how they died

    they sinned in the garden of Eden

    in ICSM

    they are dead and feel ashamed of sinning so now they want to go back

    but however they can't go back now they have to remain dead forever

    part 2 of the twice are ghosts theory

    although I implied all the members are ghosts

    I didn't really mean ALL

    Jihyo is actually the only one who is still alive which is why unlike Chaeyoung, Dahyun, Sana, and Tzuyu who are shown alive in the DTNA MV

    she isn't wearing red she wears white

    the colour white means innocence meaning Jihyo did not sin

    as for Jihyo after her friends sinned she punished them with death

    I now this is a bad theory but I tried

    anyways stay tuned for the next theory

  • I liked this theory, it was nice reading it.

  • Alright folks, here's my theory

    The main theme about Twice Korean comebacks are about love. Whether it be a simple crush (i.e. LOA-Signal. What is Love), dangerous love (i.e. Yes or Yes, More & More - Cry For Me), love from others (Feel Special), love of life (Dance the Night Away), or even lack of love from self (Likey), confident love (Fancy, Heart Shaker). All of them are based off of love.

    We start as an innocent, possibly high school crush that they are falling head over heels for. That continues from LOA to Signal and picks back to What is Love. Likey is different when confiding in the love from others that they start to lose love in themselves, Heart Shaker is also different. Not in love but encouraging love. Dance the Night Away is simply the about the fun and love of life. Yes or Yes and Fancy is dangerous love but can also be categorized as confident love since Yes or Yes they are obsessed to the point where they do everything in their path to get their lover to love them and Fancy they are obsessed to where they create this alternate reality and bliss where them and their love can be together. But also about the girls taking charge in the relationship, a reason why it's confident love. Feel Special is them realizing that they didn't have to confide their love in one person and that they should depend on their family and friends to guide and be there for them. That's the end of that story from beginning to FS. But then we have More & More which starts a different storyline in a way.

    More & More you can see them in a paradise. That paradise could easily reference the Garden of Eden from the Bible. The Garden of Eden is a place where there is complete paradise, bliss and obedience. But there was forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate and then everything came crashing down. We see that in the video and the forbidden fruit is portrayed by an apple which is a recurring theme throughout the 2020 storyline. You can see mid-video that Mina takes a bite out of the apple and it shows a twist in the video and they are no longer in paradise. This also references the Bible Garden of Eden because after eating the apple they were cast out of the garden. That's what happened here when they went on the platform to dance and in the white room for the dance break. They never entered the Garden after that.

    They also teased that M&M and ICSM storylines were connected. This is them falling into the darkness and them succumbing to it. This is also shown in the MAMA performance where Jihyo eats the apple as a transition from M&M to ICSM and that sets the story for the MV. Play close attention to both the English translation and English version lyrics of ICSM and you'll see what I mean. The video may be more confusing to figure out.

    Finally, there's Cry For Me, when they come into complete darkness and are governed by one of the Seven Deadly Sins: Lust. There are many things alluding to this especially the lyrics.

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