Hidden Gems #48: Look At Me by Jewelry

  • Today's Hidden gem is Look At Me by Jewelry!

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    Jewelry was kinda the Brave Girls of 2007. An unknown girl group for 7 years, zero original members, but they released the biggest hit of the year. This isn't that song, but one of their songs that they released afterwards. LE of EXID actually wrote this song and you can hear her vocals.

    Korean song #437 Jewelry | K-Pop Amino

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    user uploaded image

    user uploaded image

    Jewelry officially disbanded in 2015. Baby J was on Unpretty Rapstar Season 3 but she didn't do too well. She was also on Show Me The Money 5. Some of the other members have pursued acting, but haven't been up to too much.








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  • Oh, 9muses' sunbaes, I didn't knew much from them, apart from some of their songs, thanks for the info, at first I thought that were a medium success group in Korea (at least more popular than 9muses), but not nugu

    They were really popular when seo in young and jungah were in group. Their most popular songs were superstar, passion, one More time. After these most popular members left they released song called back it up and this song did okay. Their other songs didnt do that good anymore. After eunjung left, Dia's eunice joins to group but sadly all Girls left group and jewelry was disbanded before eunice was able to debut so she joined to dia after.

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