Hidden Gems #25: Shadow by The Legend

  • Today's Hidden Gem is Shadow by The Legend!

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    To be honest I thought this song was going to be a breakthrough moment for them. Their vocals are INCREDIBLE and the song is amazing. All songs by The Legend are amazing tbh. There was just too much competition when they debuted and their label was the worst of the worst.

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    So unfortunately they disbanded a year after this comeback. Their company couldn't even provide them with running water...Fortunately they actually won their lawsuit! They haven't been up to much since disbandment, some members enlisted in the military and I'm pretty sure they still all keep in touch.






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  • I'm not even a bg stan, but you did convinced me to take a look, and zero regrets, their vocals are really good, and the music was surprisingly nice, another Hopkinz grade song

    Their company couldn't even provide them with running water...

    Were they living in a construction site? This is the basic of the basic, their company was a piece of trash

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