Hidden Gems #4: Blah Blah by Sunny Days

  • Today's Hidden Gem is Blah Blah by Sunny Days

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    Sunny Days was a 5 member girl group that debuted in 2012. They debuted with 7 members, but went through several lineup changes before releasing Blah Blah in 2015. It was the last song the group promoted before disbanding. This song was AMAZING and totally deserved more attention. Also some of the best vocals I've heard in a Kpop group ever.

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    Since the group disbanded, some of the members have still been active. She isn't in Blah Blah but one of the former members, Bichen, went on to be REALLY famous in China after winning a singing show. Sunkyung, the only original member who stayed till the very end, is now a vocal coack. Heuira re-debuted as a solo artist under the stage name Heera in 2018. Dasom debuted with Neon Punch in 2018, but left the group after their debut. The group disbanded one comeback later and rebranded as XUM.

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