Hidden Gems #3: Paradise by N*White

  • Today's hidden gem: Paradise by N*White

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    In like 2015, N*White was my FAVORITE nugu group. I stanned them so hard and really thought they had potential, but they just didn't have a company that could support them. They were able to make one comeback (Paradise) before officially disbanding in early 2016.

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    They debuted as a quartet in 2014 and lost one member when they came back as a trio. None of the members have really been up to much since. Their videos were actually pretty high quality and the songs were just amazing, but there was lots of competition in 2015 for newly debuted groups. In 2014, Soohyun was on the Hidden Singer episode with Taeyeon (so that way you know she's a very gifted vocalist). Another fun fact about Soohyun is that she was the maknae and leader!

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  • Its such a cute song, they had a really unique style, they are very cutie, but in a natural way.

    Some groups don't fit much this concept, but the companies enforce it, and the members end up looking waaay too artificial/fabricated imo, most of the 3rd gen big ggs in a nutshell

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