Hidden Gems #5: Just You by M.fect

  • Today we've got our first boy group: Just You by M.fect!

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    M.fect is a five-member boy group that debuted in 2015. Just You was the group's first comeback. I think the song is really beautiful and the vocally are quite strong. Even though it's not the fanciest video in the world, it's still pleasant. They were actually planning on a US tour in 2017 that I was gonna go to, but it got cancelled due to low sales :(

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    M.fect is also the first group in this series who hasn't (officially) disbanded yet. The group changed their name to Xst and many of the members have complete their military service! I think one person may have left the group or he is still serving in the military, there hasn't been an OT5 pic since 2019. They've been mostly active in Japan rather than Korea.

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