Hidden Gems #9: Hello by Gavy NJ

  • Today's Hidden Gem is Hello by Gavy NJ!

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    Gavy NJ is a vocal trio that debuted in 2005! They're even older than SNSD and Brown Eyed Girls!

    I cry like Yuko Oshima: Kpop: Gavy NJ - An Obvious Melo & Hello

    Gavy NJ is actually still active. Believe it or not, they're charting is actually pretty good in Korea. They just have a virtually nonexistent international fandom. Even though they debuted in 2005, none of the original members are still in the group. Sihyeon was the last original member to leave and Hello was ironically her last song with the group. She lasted 10 years in the group though, so she invested more than enough time.




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