Hidden Gems #7: Ring Ma Bell by Two X

  • Today's Hidden Gem is Ring Ma Bell by Two X

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    Two X was a five member girl group that debuted in 2012 under the same label as MBLAQ. This was actually one of the songs that got me into Kpop.

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    The girls were on a SUPER long hiatus after they made their first comeback in early 2013 with Ring Ma Bell. They left Jtune towards the end of 2015, but didn't officially disband. They were going to continue as a four member group under a new label. They managed to make one comeback at the end of 2016, but disbanded shortly afterwards. Since then, the members haven't been up to much. Eunyoung was such a star and could have been an It-girl at least on Hyeri or Naeun's level.




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