Hidden Gems #41: Tonight by Tahiti

  • Today's Hidden gem is Tonight by Tahiti!

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    Tahiti is not the most underrated group I've advertised on this series, but they still are nugu. And even among the small Black Pearl fandom, not too many people talk about their debut. Most people talk about their stuff as OT5 once they had a stable lineup, but I think their debut is amazing! Highkey one of the catchiest songs ever.


    Sadly Tahiti disbanded. For a lesser-known group they actually lasted a pretty long time. Jisoo, their visual/most popular member left the group in 2016 on bad terms with the other members. She got dragged by one of the members on instagram. The members from this lineup really havent been up to much. Two members debuted in a duo called Verry but they disbanded after like one comeback. Keezy from this lineup and Verry is now a soloist called Soma.








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  • I've heard of them before, they are really good <3

    I also thought they only had this song, its kind of hard to find their some of their stuff

    Keezy from this lineup and Verry is now a soloist called Soma.

    You see, she committed a small mistake here, if her solo name was Soman instead, then all SM stans would take look at her work, its not too late for change imo

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