Hidden Gems #38: Oh My God by NC.A

  • Today's Hidden Gem is Oh My God by NC.A

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    When I first started getting into Kpop, I only listened to a handful of solo artists and NC.A was among them. I always thought her songs were really cute and catchy. I think this one is still my favorite song by her to this day. Even though she's so cute, she's such a powerful vocalist!

    NC.A(앤씨아) _ OH MY GOD(오 마이 갓) : kpop

    So NC.A is still active as a solo artist. She also debuted with Uni.T after ranking 3rd place on The Unit. Lately, she's been posting lots of covers on her YouTube channel and today she posted a cover of Rollin' by Brave Girls! She and Eunji were on the same team for one of their missions.








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