Hidden Gems #27: Because I'm Your Girl by 1PS

  • Today's Hidden Gem is Because I'm Your Girl by 1PS

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    They were under Maroo entertainment and the first of the company's many MANY failures. Sadly 1PS never got to make a comeback. MyB and Bonus Baby disbanded after one comeback and Khan also disbanded after debut. Just a horrible horrible company that never learned their lesson when managing groups.


    So there are a couple updates regarding this group. One of the members re-debuted in Shafla, who unfortunately quietly disbanded last year. Another member who never officially debuted with the group is now in BVNDIT.







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  • Maroo entertainment? First time I'm hearing about them, but I liked their gg, I tried doing more research but it seems they only have this mv, I even tried looking for stages of the other ones, but no luck

    Glad you liked it. It's such a beautiful song with some really pretty vocals. If you just type in 1ps, you should be able to find some stages of this song.

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