Hidden Gems #30: Driving by A.cian

  • Today's Hidden Gem is Driving by A.cian

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    This is one of my favorite summer Kpop boy group songs ever! It's so much fun and I always listen to it when it starts getting nicer out.

    MV] A.cian(에이션) _ Driving on Make a GIF

    It's a little unclear if they're still active or not. They haven't officially disbanded and I know they one by one were enlisting in the military, but I don't know if they're all done yet. Fact of the matter is there have been zero updates for over 2 years now, so a comeback is unlikely but not impossible. One of the members, Euijin, left the group. However he re-debuted in BIGFLO, ranked #2 on The Unit and re-debuted with UNB, AND had his solo debut. He is awesome! The remaining 4 made their last Korean comeback in 2016, 2 members competed on the Unit but didn't advance very far, and they haven't done much since.








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