Hidden Gems #43: Dancing Alone by Billion

  • Today's Hidden Gem is Dancing Alone by Billion!

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    Billion was a 6 membered girl group that debuted in 2014. Dancing Alone was their debut and I think if you like 2NE1 or 2nd gen girl crush groups like EvoL or D-Unit, then you'll like this group. I really like the instrumental during the chorus

    Billion – Dancing Alone | Playlistology

    So Billion disbanded in like 2016/2017 unofficially. After a long hiatus, they actually made a comeback in 2016, but never promoted it or released a music video. Kiryun has gotten married and is now a mother. The members of Billion were at her wedding so they still have a good relationship with each other. Ray re-debuted in 4x but they disbanded too.








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    flop :pepecry:

    Its only a flop when it goes over the 24h mark, but as you only post 10/10 content, it increases the threshold to 48 hours, so don't worry

    I have to agree, they do resemble alot D-Unit and Evol, and I love those "apocalyptic" kind of MVs, they work alot on the scenarios, and it fits girl crush concept, so I'm all into it

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