Hidden Gems #32: Here I am by Sunny Hill

  • Today's Hidden Gem is Here I Am by Sunny Hill!

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    This is another one of my favorite songs of all time (I say that a lot in this series lol). It's just such a pretty song and it speaks to me for some reason. Sunny Hill isn't totally nugu in Korea, but they are internationally so check this song out! Even among Sunny Hill fans this song is underrated imo. The video is neat too and makes me cry.

    Here I Am – Sunny Hill – KPOPREVIEWED

    So there are some updates with Sunny Hill. They actually are still alive! One member has been with the group for 14 years and another member for 10! Two of the members left a couple years ago but were replaced by a former Purfles member and a former soloist. The original members still all have a good relationship and support each other. I think they had a fanmeeting sometime soon. Anyways check Sunny Hill out!








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    So there are some updates with Sunny Hill. They actually are still alive!

    No way, really? To be frank with you, I thought they disbanded around 2012 or 2013, cuz I never heard much from them, its so nice that they still have a good relationship with the old members, wish more ggs were that united with former groupmates

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