Fantasygoose's Old Fanfics

  • A Mug of Water


    Kyungsoo is sitting alone in his bedroom watching Red Velvet's "Red Flavor" music video.

    Because of the song, he feels like the summer has entered his room.

    He starts craving kiwi and orange juice.

    His tongue feels dry.

    So he goes to the kitchen that has green walls, that he painted on last summer.

    He opens the fridge.

    There is no orange juice or any drink that he craves.

    There is almond milk, but he finds almond milk disgusting.

    Then he looks at the fruit bowl, but it is empty.

    He thinks it is time to go grocery shopping soon.

    The cellphone starts ringing in the bedroom, which ringtone is "Punch" by NCT 127

    He goes to the room and sees that it is Chanyeol.

    he clicks the green phone button.

    "Hello?" he says.

    "Waddup, it's me." Chanyeol says inside of the phone.

    "Why are you calling me right now?"

    "Because I just wanted to know how my friend are doing."

    "Your friend?" Kyungsoo asks confused.

    "Yes, you are my friend, right?"

    "Uhm…. I don't know about that."

    "Whatever, I still think you're my friend." Chanyeol says and chuckles. "So.... how are you?"

    "I'm fine. Even though I don't have orange juice in the fridge."

    "I'm gonna buy that for you."

    "No no, you don't have to."

    "If my friend wants orange juice, then I'm gonna give you orange juice." he says and hangs up.

    Kyungsoo puts his phone away and goes back to the kitchen.

    He grabs a mug from the cupboard.

    then he turns on the tap and puts cold water in it.

    He takes a sip and feels refreshed.

    Suddenly he hears someone open the front door of the house.

    Oh shoot, he forgot to lock.

    "Hello sunbae-nim" he hears a familiar voice say.

    He walks to the hallway and sees Taeyong standing there.

    "What the heck are you doing here?" Kyungsoo asks, and then takes another sip from the mug.

    "I just randomly felt like visiting you, my beloved sunbae-nim."

    "No need to call me sunbaenim, just call me Kyungsoo."

    "But I like you, sunbae."

    And then Taeyong stares at the mug.

    "Oh what's you drinking, sunbae?"

    "It's water." he answers. "did you think it is vodka?"

    Then Taeyong grabs Kyungsoo's mug and drinks from it.

    Kyungsoo is shocked.

    "How rude of you." Kyungsoo scolds.

    "That is some tasty water." he says and rubs his lips.

    Kyungsoo stares at his lips and realizes how beautiful and soft they look.

    Kyungsoo bites his own lips and feels his heart beating fast.

    He wants a taste of them.

    "I guess I might have gotten a bit of your saliva in my mouth, but it still tastes good."

    Kyungsoo starts blushing.

    "Now I want to taste YOUR saliva." he says and then walks towards Taeyong.

    Kyungsoo puts his hand on Taeyong's shoulder and stares him in the eyes.

    "Why are you doing this, sunbae?" he asks confused and uncomfortable.

    "Because I like you, Lee Taeyong"

    "But I only see you as a sunbae."

    "Didn't I tell you to call me Kyungsoo?" he says with a smirk.

    "Alright then, Kyungsoo."

    Then Kyungsoo's face starts being closer and closer to Taeyong's face.

    Kyungsoo looks at his hoobae's lips and then closes his eyes.

    But then it gets interrupted by a door being opened.

    "I just bought two bottles of orange juice, my frie-." He hears a voice say.

    Kyungsoo suddenly sees that it is Chanyeol.

    Chanyeol doesn't look happy.

    "What the freaking frick are you two doing?" Chanyeol asks.

    Both of them don't dare to say anything.

    "Are you two dating?" he asks.

    Both of them shake their heads.

    "Kyungsoo, my friend, I thought that I was the one that you loved."

    "What the heck are you talking about?" Kyungsoo asks.

    "I thought that..." Chanyeol's face starts reddening and tears fall down. "I thought that you maybe had feeling for me too."

    "I have never had feelings for you."

    "But you always seemed so nice to me. So I thought.... you know."

    "I'm only nice to you because you are my friendly acquaintance."


    Taeyong walks over to Chanyeol.

    "Sunbae-nim, please calm down." he says.

    Chanyeol punches Taeyong in the face. "shut it, you little..."

    Taeyong's nose starts bleeding and a bit of blood is on the hallway floor.

    Kyungsoo runs over to Taeyong. "Are you alright?"

    Taeyong nods, while pinching his nose to stop it from bleeding more.

    Chanyeol looks at them angrily.

    "Enjoy your freaking orange juice, you enemy." Chanyeol says and slams the front door.

    Kyungsoo and Taeyong look silently at each others.

    "Uhm…. Taeyong, do you want orange juice?"

    "Yes please." he answers, while nodding.

    Then both of them go to the kitchen and drink orange juice.

    "Sorry for what has happened today." Kyungsoo says.

    "You don't have to apologize."

    "This orange juice tastes nice." Kyungsoo says.

    "Agreed. So refreshing."

    Then Kyungsoo smiles at him.

    Taeyong kisses his cheek.

    "Your cheeks taste nice too." he says.

    "I still wonder if your lips taste nice." Kyungsoo says and sips his orange juice.

    The End.

  • His Rouge Lips


    Goose is sitting on the couch in the living room reading "Moominpappa's Memoirs" by Tove Jansson.

    A mug of hot cocoa is standing on the table next to her.

    She is waiting for it to cool, so that her beak won't burn.

    Suddenly she hears a few knocks on her door.

    She reads the last words of the sentence before she puts a bookmark on it, close the book and lays it on the table next to the mug.

    She walks to the hallway and opens the door.

    In front of her, she sees Taeyong and his lips are looking red like blood.

    "Hello." he says with a friendly smile.


    "May I come in?" He looks inside the hallway.

    "Yes, you may."

    Then he steps inside her house and takes his sneakers off.

    "I hope that I didn't disturb you."

    "Well.... I was reading a book."

    He nods. "Okay."

    Then he walks to the living room.

    "By the way, why are you wearing red lipstick today?" she asks out of curiousity.

    "Because I just felt like it."

    Then he catches his eyes on the mug.

    "Oh, is that hot cocoa?" he asks happily.

    "Yes, it is." she says.

    Then he takes the mug and takes a sip from it, leaving a red mark on it before putting it back on the table.

    "Yum, it is delicious." he says.

    Goose tilts her head and starts hissing.

    "How dare you drink my cocoa?" she yells.

    "Because I like hot cocoa."

    She sighs annoyed.

    Then he notices something else on the table.

    "Tove Jansson. Moominpappa's Memoirs." he reads.

    "Yes, I'm currently reading that one, you mugger"

    "The moomins look cute." he says with a smile on his face.

    She agrees, but tries not to be infected by his sweet smile, so she avoids eye contact.

    "And I think you look cute, when you are annoyed." he says and giggles.

    She starts blushing.

    "Mær dámar teg" he says in her native language.

    She looks surprised at his face, that is smiling at her.

    "Where did you learn to say that sentence?"


    She looks at his lips and the mark on her mug.

    "I think you look handsome with and without lipstick." she says.

    He walks towards her, gets on his knees and gives her a peck on her cheek, leaving a mark.

    "I think you look beautiful. You are the most beautiful goose, I have ever met." he whispers.

    Then he caresses her cheek.

    "May I kiss you?" he asks quietly.

    She looks at his lips and nods.

    Then his red lips start touching her beak.

    She closes her eyes and lets him paint her beak red.

    She puts her wings on his shoulders and slowly tilts her head in enjoyment.

    Then he moves away from the kiss, opens his eyes and starts chuckilng.

    "Your beak looks weird now." he says.

    She runs the the bathroom, followed by Taeyong and looks herself in the mirror.

    "Oh boy, you're right." she says and laughs.

    "Yeah, next time, I'll kiss you without lipstick."

    Her cheeks turn pink from his comment.

    "I think I should go home now." he says and pecks her marked cheek.

    "Okay, bye bye." she says.

    He walks to the hallway and puts his sneakers back on.

    "See you another time." he says and opens the front door.

    Then she walks back to the living room.

    She grabs the mug and looks at the red mark.

    Then she takes a sip from it.

    It has gotten cold, but she finds it delicious.

    Then she continues reading Moominpappa's Memoirs.

    The End

  • I Miss You


    Yuta is sitting in his bedroom, reading the manga Boys Over Flowers, while listening to Jóga by Björk on his Discman.

    His mother walks into his room.

    He turns off the music and looks up from the manga.

    "Yuta, there is someone, you have to meet." she says.

    She is probably talking about her new boyfriend, he thinks, being annoyed.

    He walks to the kitchen and sees both his mom's boyfriend and a young guy.

    He has never seen that young guy before.

    "Yuta, this is Mark." the man says.

    He stares at the guy.

    "Oh, Hi... uhm... Mark." Yuta greets.

    Mark nods and then looks at the floor.

    "Mark is my son."

    If it is his son, then I guess we might end up being…


    Mark walks into Yuta's bedroom.

    "Is this where you sleep?" Mark asks.

    What kind of question is that? No, of course not. I sleep in the bathroom and poop in this room.

    "Yes." Yuta answers because he doesn't want to be too rude.

    "It looks nice."

    Then Mark looks at his collection of CDs on a shelf.

    Most of them are Björk CDs.

    "I like listening to Björk too." Mark says.

    Yuta feels joy in his stomach.

    "Really?" he asks.

    "Yes, really." he answers with a smile. "My favourite song is Jóga."

    "Mine is Hyperballad."

    Then both of them smile at each others.

    He has started to like him as a brother.

    A year later Yuta's mother and Mark's father have gotten married.

    And Yuta and Mark have finally become stepbrothers.

    Mark is sitting in his room, listening to Hyperballad on his smartphone.

    "Mark, do you want to go eat ice cream with me?" Yuta asks.

    Mark nods.

    "Okay, let's go." Yuta says.

    The sun is burning.

    Both of them are outside the kiosk, eating soft ice cream.

    "This ice cream is delicious." Mark says.

    "I agree."

    Yuta looks at Mark's lips that is covered in white ice cream.

    He wants to kiss those lips.

    No, I can't have these kind of thoughts about my brother.

    He tries to look away from his lips.

    "I have heard that the amusement park is going to have a carousel soon." Mark says.

    "Do you like carousels?"

    "I might sound weird, but I have never ridden a carousel."

    "Wow, really?"

    "Yes, and I would really love to."

    "Let's ride that carousel together someday." Yuta says.

    Mark smiles and licks his ice cream.

    Mark has gone to Canada to visit his grandparents.

    He is going to be there for a week.

    Yuta already misses him.

    He is sitting and listening to "Gee" by SNSD on his smartphone, while imagining him and Mark sitting on each carousel horse, smiling at each others.

    He can't wait for both of them to ride that carousel together.

    He is imagining how he is going to confess to Mark.

    Maybe I could go eat ice cream with him and then tell him "Mark, I have a crush on you."

    Or maybe we could sit on that carousel and then I confess his feelings for him.

    He smiles at the thought of him confessing on the carousel.

    But then he starts thinking: "but what if my confession would ruin his first carousel experience?"

    A week later.

    He is sitting excited in the kitchen eating an onigiri, while thinking about Mark.

    He can't wait to see him again.

    See his cute face again.

    His beautiful lips.

    He also can't wait to ride that carousel with him.

    And tell him about his feeling.

    He hears a phone ring.

    It's his mom's phone.

    She grabs it.

    "Yeah.... uh huh...." he hears his mother say. "WHAT??? Can you please repeat it?.. Yes, I understand."

    She goes over to him.

    Her hands are shaking.

    "Yuta, there is something you have to know."

    "What is it?" he asks concerned.

    "On the way to the airport.... Mark.... Mark got in a car accident and.... died on the way to the hospital."

    Yuta feels his heart sink.

    "You're lying." he says. "YOU'RE LYING!"

    Then he runs to the bedroom, and slams the door.

    His entire body feels shaky and a lump in his throat.

    He looks at the CDs and starts throwing them to the floor, hearing them break and seeing some pieces of glass flying.

    Then he sees a CD with the name Jóga on it.

    He takes his Discman and puts the CD inside.

    Then he sits on the floor listening to the song, Mark loved.

    He closes his eyes.

    He imagines him and Mark sitting on a carousel carriage together behind some horses, while the carousel is playing that song.

    He looks at Mark's smiling face that is contagious.

    "Mark." he says.

    "What is it?"

    "I... I'm in love with you."

    Mark looks surprised at him.

    "Me too." he says and then puts his arm around him.

    Yuta blushes.

    Mark then puts his hand on his cheek, and their faces are close to each others.

    Then their lips touch.

    His lips taste like soft ice cream.

    Then Yuta opens his eyes, looking at all the broken CDs on the bedroom floor.

    Water is falling from his eyes.


  • In The Candy Shop
    Mark goes for a walk down the city.

    He craves something sweet, but thinks that it is too cold outside for ice cream.

    He goes to the candy shop.

    He doesn't know what candy to choose.

    Then he sees a familiar looking person, who is wearing a bright red T-shirt and midnight blue jeans.

    He looks at the person's face and sees that it is Renjun.

    His ex-boyfriend.

    "Oh, hi Mark." he says.

    "What are you doing here?" Mark asks, not happy to see him again.

    "Just buying candy for a movie night." he says. "I'm going to watch My Neighbor Totoro."

    "Totoro?" Mark asks surprized.

    He remembers when they used to watch that movie together, when they were a couple.

    "Yes, that movie."

    Then there is silence between them and Mark tries to look for candy.

    He takes a plain milk chocolate bar.

    He walking outside, while eating the milk chocolate.

    He starts thinking of last year, when they broke up.

    It was Mark's birthday party.

    Both of them were having fun, while eating cakes in his room.

    But suddenly Renjun told him: "Sorry, I don't think we should be together anymore."

    "Why not?" Mark asked.

    "Because I think I have gotten feelings for Haechan."

    "So are you breaking up with me?"

    "Yes." Renjun said and left.

    Then Mark was sitting alone, eating cake, but the cake tasted less delicious because of his sadness and loneliness.

    Mark has gotten the last piece of the chocolate in his mouth and is chewing on it.

    He throws the candy wrapper in the trash can.

    "Mark." he hears someone behind him say.

    He turns around and sees Renjun holding a shopping bag with the candy shop's logo.

    "I'm sorry that I broke up with you back then." Renjun says.

    "What kind of jerk would do that on a person's birthday?"

    "I'm so sorry."

    "I don't need you anymore."

    "The truth is that after I broke up with you, my feelings for Haechan dissappeared."

    "Oh really?" he says sarcasticly.

    "Yes, my feelings for you got stronger."

    Mark looks surprised at him.

    "Why haven't you told me that before?"

    "Because I thought you wouldn't want to listen."

    There is silence between them again.

    "The truth is..." Renjun says. "I still have feelings for you."

    Mark starts blushing.

    "Do you want to go out with me again?" Mark asks.

    Renjun gives Mark a peck on his cheek.

    "I guess that means yes." Mark says.

    Both of them giggle.

    "Do you want to go over to my house and watch My Neighbor Totoro?"

    "Yes, I would really like to."

  • just a disclaimer: I'm talking about NCT Johnny, not Johnny the admin.

    EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention. This is a Johnny x Kylie Jenner fanfic. I just realized, I never mentioned her name.

    Oh Mama...

    Johnny goes for a walk in a garden of lilies, while wearing a white button down shirt and white trousers.

    He picks up a lily, closes his eyes and inhales the scent of it.

    He then opens them and catches his eyes on a person with long, dark hair wearing a white short-sleeved dress.

    She looks familiar to him.

    Suddenly he sees her face.

    The lily falls from his hand.

    "Oh mama...." he whispers.

    Then he runs towards her and gives her a hug.

    "Neol neomunado saranghae." he says, aware that she probably doesn't know what it means.

    "I... I like you too." she shyly stutters.

    He looks her in the eyes and his face moves slowly closer to hers.

    Their lips touch.

    While their lips are touching, she touches his neck with her hand and unbuttons the top buttons of his shirt.

    Then she touches the middle of his chest.

    He feels his heart beat on her hand.

    Their lips seperate.

    "Oh mama..." he says.

    "Don't call me mama, call me daddy."

    "Okay daddy."

    Then they smile to one another.

  • The Bread Kiss

    Yeri has come to visit her friend, Jaehyun, who she secretly has a crush on.

    They are in the kitchen.

    Yeri is sitting and drinking strawberry milk.

    "Oh my, I'm so hungry. I want bread." Jaehyun says.

    Then he takes a slice of white bread and puts it in the toaster.

    He then waits for it to jump out.

    While he is waiting, he sits across her at the kitchen table.

    "Do you like bread?" Yeri asks.

    "Yes, I love bread." he answers.

    Then the toast jumps out of the toaster, looking a bit browner.

    Then he grabs butter and a butter knife and spreads it on the bread, watching it melt.

    He takes a bite from it and chews it.

    Yeri stares at his lips.

    She wants to kiss those bread-eating lips.

    She walks towards him.

    "I want to kiss you" she says.

    He looks surprised at her.

    Then suddenly out of nowhere, a random blonde teenage girl wearing a pink T-shirt saying NCT on it.

    "My name is Delilah and I'm telling you to jebal don't kiss Yeri." she says.

    "Don't disturb my bread." Jaehyun says and takes another bite of the bread.

    "Oppar, I sarang you, so jebal don't kiss Yeri. Kiss me."

    "I have no idea what you are saying."

    Then he swiftly eat the entire toast.

    He walks towards a loaf of white bread.

    "I love you, bread." he says and passionately kisses it.

    "But oppar, I'm your biggest fan and I sarang you." Delilah cries.

    "I only love bread." he says.

    Then she gets angry.

    "Jaehyun oppar, I'm cancelling you."

    Then she runs out of the kitchen and out of his house in the speed of light.

    "Jaehyun?" Yeri says.

    "I only like you as a friend." he tells Yeri.

    "Okay, then we are just friends."

    "I want to date bread." he says.

    "I want to date you too." the loaf of bread says.

    And then Jaehyun and the loaf of bread lived happily ever after.

    The sequel

    The Bread Date

    Jaehyun and the loaf of bread go on date at a french fries restaurant called Les François Pomme De Terre Frites.

    They are sitting at a table across each others, while eating french fries with ketchup.

    They are smiling at each others.

    "You're beautiful." Jaehyun says.

    The bread blushes.

    "I have written a song for you." he tells her. "but I'll sing it to you later."

    "I can't wait to hear your song." the bread says.

    He giggles.

    Then he gives the bread a peck.

    Suddenly Delilah appears out of nowhere again, while having a spoon in her hand.

    "How dare you kiss my oppar?" she asks bread.

    "Because I love him."

    "But I sarang him with all of my simjang." she says with tears in her eyes.

    "Please leave me and bread alone." Jaehyun says with a serious expression.

    "But oppar..."

    Then she stabs bread with the spoon.

    "Ah..." the bread gasps in pain.

    "BREAD!!" he yells and runs over to the injured loaf of bread.

    "Jaehyun.... Please sing that song, that you said you have written for me." bread says.

    Jaehyun gets tears in his eyes, then he looks into the bread's eyes and sings:

    You're a beautiful creation

    You were created beautifully

    A beautiful creation.

    Beautiful beautiful, 너무 아름다워

    Beautiful creation

    "This is so beautiful." Bread says with tears in it's eyes.

    "Just like you."

    "see you in the afterlife."

    "No, don't go." he cries.

    "I love you, Jaehyun."

    "No! Please!" his tears fall of his eyes.

    Then the bread is lying motionless.

    The bread is dead.


    He cries.

    "Omo, that song that you wrote is so areumdawo. You're so talented, oppar." Delilah says.

    "Please leave." he says.

    "But oppar, I sarang you."

    "If you really cared about me, you would let me be happy together with someone I love, and not expect me to live like a forever alone monk"

    "But I want you to date me."

    "There are other fishes in the sea."

    "But..." she says and then walks out of the french fries restaurant.

    He then looks at the dead bread.

    "I'm sorry, it's my fault that you got hurt." he says, even though he is aware that the bread can't listen to him.

    Then he carries the bread in his arms.

    A waiter walks towards him.

    "You forgot to pay for the fries." he says.

    "Oh, sorry."

    "But because your bread died, you don't have to pay for it anymore."

    "Okay." he says and then walks out of the restaurant.

    Outside of the restaurant, he sees Yeri.

    "What has happened?" she asks shocked.

    "Delilah killed bread."

    "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that."

    "But I guess it was a bad idea of me to date a bread, because bread is for eating, not dating."

    "You're right."

    "So, would you want to go out with me?" he asks.

    "But what if I get stabbed with a spoon?"

    "I'm pretty sure you won't, my cute strawberry."

    Yeri blushes.

    Then he gives her a peck on her cheek.

    "I like you." he says.

    The End

  • Walk on the Beach

    Doyoung and Jennie go for a walk together on the beach.

    Jennie has invited him there, because she wants to confess her feelings for him.

    They hear the waves of the sea roar and the seagullss scream.

    "So... why have you invited me here?" Doyoung asks.

    "I'm not gonna tell you yet." she answers.

    "Okay then. You probably have a surprise for me."

    She wonders if he would happy to hear what her surprise for him is.

    "Yeah, you're right."

    They notice a worn out volley ball lying in the ocean.

    It reminds Doyoung of something.

    "Do you remember in 8th grade, when we played beach volley ball together?"

    "Yeah, I remember that."

    "And when we had to play against Kai and..." he says before he puts his hand over his lips, and regrets whose name he just mentioned. "Sorry, I didn't mean to mention your ex."

    "It's okay." she says.

    "But I remember how much he sucked at it."

    She giggles.

    "So what do you want to tell me?" he looks her in the eyes.

    "Well.... actually I..." she says before interupted by Doyoung falling on his knee on the sand.

    "Are you okay?" she asks.

    "Yes, I'm fine. I just feel a bit dizzy and stuff." he says while feeling his forehead with his hand.

    "Are you sick?"

    "The truth is... I'm pregnant with Johnny's baby."


    "Yes." he responds, while touching his own belly.

  • Fantasy And Pastel

    Xiumin is sitting in the classroom in recess reading Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R Tolkien, while waiting for biology class to start.

    He knows that Sehun is very good at biology. Better than Xiumin at least.

    He finishes a chapter and closes the book.

    Then he looks at Sehun's lavender hair. He has had that hair colour for a week.

    He likes that colour and thinks that it matches his pastel coloured clothes.

    He puts the book inside of his backpack.

    He takes his green notebook, which has a pixie on the cover, out of his backpack.

    Then he takes a pencil and starts writng the story about the hobbit, Xiuthil, and the elf, Sefríð, again.

    Xiuthil was on his way back to his little house in Heimvík.

    He had been in the Gron Forest and collected milisberries, that he was going to use to make milisberry soup.

    When he arrived in his home, he saw someone inside.

    It was his lover, Sefríð, standing and carrying a sack.

    He had magically changed his hair to a lavendel colour.

    Usually his hair was white as a swan.

    "What are you doing here?" he asked.

    "I came here to tell you something." he responded.

    "Is it something important?"

    "It is not as important as telling you that you are in danger, but luckily you are not."

    Xiuthil was pleased to hear that, but he was still curious about what the elf had to tell him.

    "What do you want to tell me?"

    Sefríð took out two silver bracelets of the sack.

    "I only wanted to ask you if you would like to get married with me."

    Xiuthil was smiling.

    "I would love to get married with you."

    Sefríð walked towards him and gave him one of the silver bracelets.

    "I adore you, my heart." Sefríð said and carressed the hobbit's hair.

    "I adore you as well."

    Then Sefríð's fingertips were stroking his lips before their noses touched.

    And then their li...

    Xiumin hears the door of the classroom being opened and the teacher walks in.

    He hurries up to finish writing the sentence.

    And then their lips touched.

    And then he puts his notebook back in his sack.

    After the biology class is over, he sees Sehun walk out of the room.

    He decides to follow his footsteps.

    He remembers the day, when he started to fall for him.

    It was after some bullies snatched his pixie notebook and started reading out loud in a mocking way, but Sehun stopped them.

    "Hey listen to this! '"You are my heart, Leifrigg." the elf told the pixie.' Hahaha!" the bully holding the notebook said.

    And they all teased him and said stuff like "Oh my Odinn. You are my heart, Xiumin."

    But Sehun took the notebook away from that bully.

    "Stop teasing other student for being different from you."

    "Oh look, it is the girly boy." one of the them says.

    "Please leave him alone."

    Then the bullies walked away from both of them.

    He gave him his notebook back.

    "Thank you." he said.

    "You're welcome." he said. "And next time, if the bullies tease you again, I'll beat them up for you."

    He started blushing and felt his heart beat fast.

    He wanted to call Sehun his heart.

    He is in the hallway following Sehun.

    "Sehun." he says.

    Sehun turns around.

    "What is it? Have these guys been bullying you again?" he asks.

    "No, I just wanted to tell you something."


    "I just want to tell you that I have romantic feelings for you."

    Sehun looks at him surprised.

    "Is that true?"

    "Yes, I adore you." he says, feeling his heart beat nervously.

    He is nervous about what he would respond.

    If he would riducule him like the bullies did.

    "Sorry, Xiumin, but I have a girlfriend." he responds.

    He feels his heart break.

    "Oh, okay." he says, feeling the tears want to escape his eyes.

    "But let's be friends."

    The tears fall out, but he smiles, making it look like happy tears.

    "I would be glad to."

    "So do you want to go over to my house and watch Tales of Earthsea with me after school?"

    "I have never seen it, so I would love to."

    "I think that you are going to enjoy it." he says.

    Then Xiumin walks back in the classroom.

    The math class is going to start soon.

    He then takes his notebook out of his backpack and starts writing about Xiuthil and Sefríð going from lovers to friends.

    He can't wait to watch the movie with him.

  • Pineapple Pizza

    The moon is shining in this starry night.

    The goose is sitting alone in the kitchen, eating a pineapple pizza and drinking a Pepsi.

    She takes a bites of the pizza slice and chews it.

    "Yum, this is delicious." she says while eating it.

    Then she eat the entire slice.

    Suddenly she hears knocks on her door.

    And then the door opens.

    "Hey." he hears someone say.

    It's Taeyong's voice.

    She walks to the hallway and sees Taeyong wearing a sky blue T-shirt and jeans.

    "Hey." she says.

    "I just wanted to know how you're doing." he takes his sneakers off.

    "I'm doing fine."

    "I'm glad you're doing fine." he says with a huge smile on his face. "Man, I feel thirsty. Do you have chocolate milk?"

    Then he walks to the kitchen while the goose is following him.

    Then he looks with a shocked face.

    "Is... Is that pineapple pizza?" he says with fear in his eyes.

    "Yes, it is." the goose responds.

    He clenches his fist.


    "But Taeyong, I like pineapple pizza."

    "How... How dare you?" he gets tears in his eyes.


    "I'm breaking up with you, Goose."

    She feels her heart break into pieces.

    He walks out of the kitchen.


    The goose follows him.

    He puts on his sneakers and walks out of the house.

    The goose follows him out.

    They walk next to the outdoor swimming pool that the goose baths in every summer.

    Suddenly some music starts playing.

    The goose is confused.

    Taeyong starts singing:

    "I gotta say what's on my mind

    Something about us doesn't seem right these days

    Life keeps getting in the way"

    The goose gets more confused, but keeps listening to him.

    "Whenever we try, somehow the plan

    Is always rearranged

    It's so hard to say

    But I've gotta do what's best for me

    You'll be okay..."

    Then he starts dancing a dramatic, modern dance.

    "I've got to move on and be who I am

    I just don't belong here

    I hope you understand

    We might find our place in this world someday

    But at least for now

    I gotta go my own way"

    The goose runs over to him.

    He looks at her.

    "What about us? What about everything we've been through?" The goose starts singing

    "What about trust?" He asks her.

    "You know I never meant to hurt you."

    "What about me?"

    "What am I supposed to do?"

    "I wanna leave but..."

    "I miss you." both of them sing at the same time, looking each others in the eyes.

    Then he walks from her and continues singing.

    "So I got to move on and be who I am."

    "Why do you have to go?" she asks.

    "I just don't belong here. I hope you understand."

    "Trying to understand."

    "We might find a place in this world some day, but at least for now. I gotta go my own way."

    Then he walks silently, while the music keeps playing.

    Then the music stops.

    "Wait!" she cries.

    He stops walking.

    "What?" he asks annoyed.

    She walks swiftly over to him.

    "I'm sorry for eating pineapple pizza."

    "Whatever. It's over between you and me."

    Then the goose gets annoyed.

    "Yeah. Right?" she says. "The only reason why I dated you is because you have beautiful lips and are a good kisser."

    He looks surprised at her face and then smirks.

    "Really? You think that I'm a good kisser?"

    Then he gets on his knees, so that he looks just as short as the goose.

    "Yes, I think you are a better kisser than anyone, that I have kissed." she blushes.

    Then he touches her wing with his fingers.

    "Shall we kiss again?" he asks. "Maybe you'll change your opinion on my kissing skills."

    Her entire face turns pink.

    "Yes, kiss me." she says.

    Then he quickly puts his hands on her cheeks and kisses her beak.

    She closes her eyes and puts her wings on his back, pulling the upper part of his body closer to hers.

    She is enjoying the touch of his smooth lips.

    He tilts his head and caresses the back of her head.
    He tastes the pineapple pizza on her beak.

    He puts the other hand on her back and caresses it.

    She starts caressing his back too, feeling the hardness of his ribs and spine.

    Then his hands stop touching her and their lips seperate.

    She opens her eyes and looks at Taeyong's face.

    His cheeks are pink.

    "So..." he smirks. "Do you still think that I'm a good kisser?"

    "Yes." she says while nodding.

    "And that I'm the best kisser you have ever kissed?"

    "Yes." she says and smiles. "Even better than the fish, that I once dated."

    He moves his fringe from his forehead.

    "So." he looks at the swimming pool. "Do you want to go out with me again?"

    "Why? Didn't you want to break up with me?"

    "No, I have changed my mind about pineapple pizza." he stares at her face.

    She looks at him in disbelief.

    "So, let's go inside and eat the pizza together." he says with a smile.

    She nods and smiles.

    Then the two of the walk inside the house.

    The goose and Taeyong are sitting in the kitchen together and eating pineapple pizza.

    He takes a bite of the pizza slice and chews it.

    "What made you change your mind about pineapple pizza." she asks.

    "Your beak."

    The goose blushes.

    "So." he says with a smirk. "May I kiss you again?"

    Her entire face turns pink again.

    "Yes, you may."

  • Leaves

    part 1

    The goose is looking from her window in the living room.

    She sees orange leaves in her garden.

    Some of the leaves are floating on her swimming pool.

    "I'll remove them tomorrow." she says to herself.

    Then she notices a guy walking towards her house.

    The other half of his hair is red.

    It's Taeyong.

    She gets a huge smile on her face.

    Then she goes to the hallway and opens the front door, seeing him walking towards her.

    "Hey." she says.

    "Good day." he responds.

    "Yes, a good day indeed." she says unsarcasticly.

    "Do you have pineapple pizza?"

    "No, but I could order it for you."

    "You don't have to. Maybe you have something else delicious in your kitchen."

    Then he walks inside the house and takes his sunny yellow sneakers off.

    Then both of them walk in the kitchen.

    He opens the fridge, and looks inside.

    He then takes a clear lime soda out of it, and closes the fridge.

    Then he opens the lid and takes a sip of the it.

    She stares at his lips.

    Then he looks her in the eyes.

    "Would you like a soda too?" he asks.

    She nods, opens the door and takes an orange soda.

    She takes a sip and then burps.

    "Oops, that was not very ladylike." she blushes out of embarassment.

    "But you are not a lady, you are a goose." he smiles and takes another sip of the soda.

    Then he burps too.

    "Oops." he says and starts laughing.

    She starts laughing too.

    Both of them become silent and smile at each others.

    He puts his half-full bottle on the kitchen table, and goes down on his knees.

    She blushes.

    He caresses her cheek and her neck with his fingers.

    His eyes are glowing and his lips are smiling.

    Then she puts her bottle away, swiftly grabs his cheeks with the upper parts of her wings.

    Her beak touches his lips.

    He closes his eyes and tastes the orange flavour on her beak.

    She tastes the lime.

    He puts his palms on her shoulders, and tilts his head.

    She puts her wings on the back of his head.

    He puts his hands away from her shoulders and their lips seperate.

    She opens her eyes, blushing.

    He drinks the rest of the soda.

    Then he looks at his watch.

    "Oh, I have to go."

    "Why?" she asks.

    "I'm supposed to meet Lee Soo Man right now."

    "Okay, see you." she says and waves.

    He runs to the hallway and puts his sneakers on.

    "Bye, sweetie." he says before he closes the door.

    She goes back to the kitchen and grabs an other lime soda out of the fridge.

    Lee Soo Man is sitting in front of the computer at his office reading a smutty JYP x Yang Hyun Suk fanfic called "Whispering in the Dark."

    Then he hears the office door open, and Taeyong walks in.

    He hurries up to turn off the computer.

    "Has no one told you to knock on the door, before you walk inside my office?" Lee Soo Man asks embarassed.

    "What do you want to talk to me about?"

    "I want you to answer my question, young man."

    "Oh, so you asked me to meet you so that we could talk about knocking on the office door?" he asks as a joke.

    "No, that was not the reason."

    "Then is it about our newest music video?"

    "No, it is about some rumours about you."

    "What rumours?"

    "About you dating a goose. It can't possibly be true, right?"

    He looks at him surprised.

    "Yes, it is."

    Lee Soo Man grabs the back of his neck like an ahjumma.

    "Oh my world, if people find out then you will lose fans."


    "Because you are so popular and a lot of girls want you to be their girlfriend, so please." he takes his phone out his pocket. "Break up with her."

    He shows him an news article called "NCT's Taeyong is rumoured to date a goose."

    He is shocked.

    "And all the comments of this article is against this relationship, so please."

    "But... but I love her." he says frustrated.

    "Have you heard the saying 'If you love someone, let them go'?"

    "Yes, a lot."

    "So break up with her."

    Taeyong's heart breaks and his tears feel like they want to escape his eyes.

    "This meeting is over." he says.

    He walks out of his office, still holding back tears.

    Then Lee Soo Man turns on his computer again.

    to be continued....

  • Leaves

    part 2

    The next day, the goose looks through her living room window, waiting for the pineapple pizza delivery to arrive.

    She still doesn't want to remove the leaves from her pool.

    Suddenly she sees Taeyong walking towards her house again.

    She walks to the hallway and opens the front door.

    Then she runs to him with a big smile on her face.

    "Guess what?" she asks excited.

    "What is it?" he responds.

    "I have ordered pineapple pizza."

    "Oh good for you." he says.

    She looks at his face.

    He has a serious expression.

    "Is there anything wrong? You don't seem very happy."

    "There is something I have to tell you."


    "I'm sorry, but we can't be together."

    Her eyes widen.

    "Why not?"

    "Lee Soo Man wants both of us to break up."

    "Why does he want that?"

    "Because if people find out that I'm dating you, then I gonna lose fans."

    "I don't want that to happen to you."

    "Then let's end this relationship."

    He feels that tears want to escape again, but he holds it back and looks at the pool.

    "But I want you to know that I still love you." she says.

    "You only dated me because I'm a good kisser."

    "But... but..." her heart sinks. "No, you're right."

    "One day, you are going to find a guy, who will make you forget all about me."

    "But I will never ever forget you."

    "And I will never forget you too." he says and his lips smile.

    He goes down on his knees and gives her a hug, feeling her cheek against his.

    She puts her wings on his back and hugs him back.

    "Because you say I'm a good kisser, do you want a kiss?" He asks, caressing the back of her head with his palm. "A final kiss?"

    She blushes and he feels her head nod on his shoulder.

    He breaks the hug and puts his palms on her shoulder, looking into her eyes.

    He presses his soft lips against her beak and closes his eyes.

    Her eyes close too.

    He finally lets his tears escape and they run down from his eyes.

    His lips separate from her beak and he opens his eyes.

    Then he presses his lips against her forehead, closing his eyes again.

    He feels a lump in his throat and more tears run down.

    He inhales through his nose a few times before his lips let go of her forehead.

    She opens her eyes and sees him hiding his eyes behind his hands.

    She gives him a hug, letting his head rest on her shoulder.

    She caresses his back.

    "I'm going to miss you too." she says.

    He doesn't say anything, only sobs.

    She pats his back.

    He stops sobbing and lifts his head of her shoulder.

    She stops hugging him and sees the white of his eyes looking red.

    He rubs his eyes with his fingertips.

    "People often say that if you really love someone, then you have to let them go." he tries to remove the tears from his cheeks. "So I'll let you go."

    "I'll be letting you go too."

    He then goes back on his feet.

    "I'll see you another time." he says. "But only as friends."

    "Bye bye." she waves to him.

    He walks away.

    She wants go inside her house again, but hen a pizza delivery guy walks over to her with a pizza box.

    "Sorry, that it arrived too late." he says. "This is my first day on the job and I had a hard time finding the address"

    "It's okay." she responds. "As long as the pizza isn't too cold."

    She looks at his name tag on his pizza uniform.

    Park Minhyuk.

    "Are you alright?" he asks concerned.

    "Yes, I'm fine."

    He gives her the box.

    "Here." he smiles.

    "Thank you." she smiles politely back.

    "Enjoy your pizza and have a nice day."

    Then the guy walks away again.

    "How kind." she thinks and walks back in.

    She goes to the kitchen and puts the box on the table.

    She opens it like a lockless treasure chest.

    She takes a slice and takes a bite of it.

    Then she grabs her phone and puts her music playlist on shuffle.

    Without You by NCT U comes up first.

    She continues eating the pizza.

    But it feels like the lyrics are punching her heart.

    She gets a lump in her throat.

    She starts to think of when he told her that she looked cute, when she was annoyed.

    When he said in her native language how much he liked her.

    When he called her beautiful.

    When he kissed her for the first time with that red lipstick on.

    When he told her that he wanted to kiss her without that red lipstick on.

    When they went for a walk at the park together.

    When he told her "I'm not wearing lipstick today." and kissed her.

    When they went to eat ice cream together.

    When he called her just as sweet as the strawberry ice cream.

    When he kissed her after she told him that he was a good kisser.

    When they ate pineapple pizza together in this kitchen.

    When he told her that the reason why he started liking pineapple pizza was because he felt that taste on her beak.

    When they went to that pizza restaurant.

    When they were holding hands.

    When they were drinking sodas together yesterday in this kitchen.

    When they kissed afterwards.

    When he called her Sweetie.

    The lump in her throat starts being bigger and tears fall down.

    She starts sobbing.

    "I need you, Taeyong." she inhales through her nose. "I really need you here."

    Minhyuk has gone back home from work.

    He is in his bedroom, and looks through his window.

    "I hope that she really is fine." he thinks.

    Lee Soo Man is sitting in his office and reading Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare.

    Someone knocks on the door.

    "Come in." he says and puts his book on the table.

    The door opens and Taeyong walks in.

    "Oh, you have finally learned to knock on the door."

    "I'm not here to hear your awful jokes." he says annoyed. "I just want to tell you that I broke up with her, as you said."

    "That's good." He takes his phone of his pocket again. "I have responded to the article and said that the rumours are fake."

    "You have?" he asks.

    "Yes, now you don't have to mind about a thing anymore."

    Then he picks up his book again.

    "I'm glad to hear that."

    "Now you can leave." He opens the book.

    Taeyong walks out.

    Lee Soo Man continues read the book.

    "Oh, forbidden love. How romantic."

    The Goose goes outside to remove the leaves from the pool.

    "I'm going to miss summer." she says to herself.

    The End

  • Same Room

    Shownu and Anna are in Reykjavík together on a vacation.

    The reason why they went to Iceland, is because Anna is interested in the culture.

    They have rented each of their hotel rooms.

    Anna is in her room and puts the book, Jar City by Arnaldur Indriðarson, on the table next to the king sized bed.

    She opens the window to get some fresh air.

    Then she sits on the bed and starts reading the first chapter.

    Shownu is reading a book about Iceland in his room.

    Reading about what kind of places in Reykjavík, they should visit.

    Then he stands up and walks from him room.

    He walks over to the door of Anna's room.

    He knocks on the door.

    She puts the book back on the table, and gets up.

    Then she opens the door and sees him.

    "Hello, do you like it here?" he asks.

    "Yes, I like it very much."

    "I was thinking if we should go Café Baun together?"

    "Yes, let's go." she says excited.

    He smiles at her.

    They are inside Café Baun, sitting at a table across each other.

    They look at the menu that is both in Icelandic and English.

    "I wonder if I should order a strawberry milkshake." she says "Or a Belgian waffle with ice cream."

    "I think I'm going to order a chocolate brownie and rhubarb juice." he says.

    A waiter walks over to them and starts speaking in English.

    "What would you like to order?"

    "A chocolate brownie and rhubarb juice, please." he says.

    Shownu stares at her.

    "Belgísk vöffla með ís." she mumbles.

    "Excuse me?"

    "I mean, Belgian waffle with ice cream."

    "Oh." the waiter writes down the orders on the notebook. "It's coming soon. Please be patient."

    They are sitting and waiting for the order.

    "So, I was thinking..." he says.

    "Yes, what is it?"

    "If we should go to the zoo tomorrow." he says. "I think there are sea lions."

    She has a huge smile on her face.

    "Of course we should go see the sea lions." she says excited.

    "I know how much you love them." he says.

    A waiter walks by them with a blueberry milkshake.

    Suddenly he stumbles and Shownu gets milkshake all over his clothes.

    "Oh, fyrirgefðu. Forgive me." the waiter says.

    She looks at him shocked, hoping that we won't get angry.

    "No, it's okay." he says calmly.

    Then the waiter walks away.

    Shownu rubs his shirt with a napkin, that was on the table.

    "Well, I was gonna shower anyway today." he says and smiles to her.

    She smiles back.

    Then they finally get the Belgian waffle, chocolate brownie and rhubarb juice.

    She looks at the brownie.

    "Wow, it looks tasty. I suddenly regret that I didn't order it."

    He cuts the brownie in half with a knife, and puts it on her plate.

    "Here you go." he says.

    "No, you don't have to-"

    "If you like to have my rhubarb juice, you may take a sip."

    "No thanks" she says.

    She starts eating the waffle with forks.

    He takes a sip of the rhubarb juice.

    "This has an interesting taste." he says after sipping it. "Are you sure that you don't want to."

    "No thanks."

    "That's alright." He takes another sip of the juice.

    The stars are sparkling on the night sky.

    They are back at the hotel.

    Shownu is standing in the shower, putting shampoo on his hair.

    His milkshake-stained clothes are lying on the floor next to it.

    He washes the shampoo off, while thinking of how he should confess his feelings for her.

    Thinking of maybe confessing when they are back in South Korea.

    Even though he thinks it could be a cute idea to confess, while looking at the sea lions.

    She is brushing her teeth in the bathroom while wearing pink flannel pyjamas.

    She just can't wait to see those sea lions.

    She spits in the sink and puts her toothbrush in a plastic bag, before putting it in the handbag.

    She walks towards the bed and takes the Jar City book.

    But then she wants to read the book about ringed seals instead.

    She takes the ringed seal book out of her luggage.

    Then she reads a chapter of the book.

    He is sitting on his bed drying his hair with a hair-dryer.

    Shownu is wearing sky blue pyjamas pants and a white T.shirt.

    Suddenly someone knocks on his door.

    Who on earth is knocking on my door this late, he thinks.

    He opens the door and sees Anna wearing her pyjamas.

    "Sorry, I just wanted to tell you that I saw a spider in my room." she says.

    "Do you want me to get rid of it?"
    "I won't be able to sleep until the spider is gone."

    "I'm too tired right now." he says annoyed.


    "I'll do it tomorrow." he says. "And meanwhile you can sleep in my room."

    She blushes.

    "Who should sleep on the floor?" she asks.

    "No one, we can sleep in the same bed."

    Her face turns as pink as her pyjamas.

    "You pervert."

    "Don't worry, I promise not to do anything, while you sleep."

    "Okay then."

    She then gets under the duvet.

    Feeling comfortable by the softness of it.

    He gets under the duvet too.

    He looks into her brown eyes that are looking at his chest.

    He smiles at her.

    "Did you enjoy the waffle?" he asks.

    "Yes, and I also enjoyed the brownie."

    "I enjoyed that brownie too."

    Suddenly she hugs him.

    He feels her chest against his.

    He blushes.

    "I'm glad that you decided to share the brownie with me."

    "You're welcome."

    "I'm sorry that I didn't share my waffle with you."

    "It's okay." he says, and puts his arms around her.

    She looks into his eyes.

    Their faces are close to each others.

    His heart starts beating fast.

    "There... there is... something.. I have to..." he says.

    "Do you secretly like me?" she asks.

    He nods slowly.

    Then she puts her lips against his.

    His eyes are wide open of surprise.

    Then the lips seperate from each others.

    She stops hugging him.

    "Sorry, I shouldn't have done that." she says.

    He puts his hands on her cheeks and swiftly his lips on hers.

    He closes his eyes.

    He tilts his head and enjoys the refreshing taste of the toothpaste on her lips.

    She puts her arms around him again and caressing his back, while enjoying the touch of his soft lips.

    Then their lips seperate again and they get more distant from each other.

    Both of them avoid eye contact.

    Then Anna says "I read in that book that ringed seals live about 25 to 30 years."

    "That sounds interesting." he says. "So I'm almost as old as an old ringed seal?"

    Both of them laugh.

    "I guess so." she says.

    "You must be very excited to see the sea lions."

    "I am." she says. "Especially togehter with you."

    Then she pecks his forehead, smelling the shampoo.

    "Goodnight." he says.

    The End

  • Until The Rain Stops

    The weather is being as hot as Wonho and as dry as a desert.

    Sana is sitting in the bedroom, being sad while looking at a selfie that she took together with Wonho.

    She remembers when she confessed to him yesterday, and he said that she only saw him as a friend.

    Tears are falling out of her eyes, while thinking of how she wanted to hold his hand and hug him.

    One part of her wants to avoid him and another part makes her want to act like she never confessed.

    Jaehyun is in the kitchen, drinking a glass of strawberry milk.

    He is wearing a white T-shirt underneath an unbuttoned blue flannel shirt, black jeans and white socks.

    He wants to get over the break up with Yeri, but the strawberry milk makes him think about her and how much she likes it.

    When she told him that she didn't love him anymore and had feelings for Jaemin instead.

    He goes to the sink and spills the milk from the glass.

    Sana craves onion rings and goes to her kitchen.

    She tries to search for an onion, but she can't find any.

    She is pretty sure that the supermarket is closed now.

    So she decides to go to her neighbor's house instead to ask if they have onions.

    She goes to the hallway, putting on her pink sneakers.

    Then she opens the door and walks out.

    Jaehyun looks at all the strawberry milks in his fridge.

    He wishes that he could get rid of it, but that would be a waste of milk.

    He starts thinking of all the cows that would be crying if he wasted it.

    Then he wanders around in the hallway, still think about Yeri.

    Thinking of when he called her his cute strawberry and pecked her cheek.

    He wishes that he could peck her cheek again.

    He holds back his tears.

    Suddenly he hears someone knocking on the door.

    He walks to the door.

    He opens it and sees a girl with Fiona red hair, bright pink T-shirt and sky blue jeans.

    "Excuse me, but do you have any onions?" she asks.

    "Onions?" He repeats that word. "Yes, I guess we might have onions."

    She has a smile on her face that shines as brightly as the sun today.

    Jaehyun gets affected by it and starts smiling too.

    "You may come in, while I'm searching for onions." he says.

    "Oh." she says, not expecting that he would say that.

    She takes off her sneakers.

    Then he goes to the kitchen.

    She takes a look in the hallway.

    She sees a big framed picture, where Jaehyun and an other girl are holding hands and smiling outside of a restaurant.

    He probably has a girlfriend, she thinks.

    She is then in the kitchen, seeing Jaehyun looking for the onions in some of the cupboards.

    "By the way, what is your name?" he asks.

    "My name is Sana."

    "Sana..." He repeats her name. "That is a nice name."

    "That is what a lot of people tell me." she responds. "And yours?"


    Then he looks in the fridge.

    She sees the amount of strawberry milk and is shocked.

    He closes the fridge, not seeing any onion.

    "I guess you like strawberry milk a lot."

    "No, that is my ex-girlfriend's favourite drink."

    "So you have a lot of strawberry milk because of her?"

    Suddenly she hears the sound of water dripping outside.

    She looks through the kitchen window and sees it pour down.

    "Oh darn it." she says.

    "Yeah, I dislike rain too." he says.

    "I have ombrophobia."

    "Ombro what?

    "Phobia of rain."

    "Never heard of that phobia."

    "I thought it was going to be only sunny weather today, but I was wrong." she says. Then she asks him: "May I stay at your house until it stops raining?"

    "Uhm... yes, if it makes you feel better." he says.

    "Thank you."

    He continues searching for the onions.

    They have searched for the onions in an hour, but have not found it.

    "I guess I was wrong." he says. "We don't have onions."

    "It's okay. I'll just have some strawberry milk instead." she says and opens the fridge.

    Then she sits at the kitchen table across Jaehyun, drinking strawberry milk.

    "Did you break up with her recently?"

    "Yes, I broke up with her yesterday."

    "I'm sorry to hear that."

    "Yes, I loved her that much."

    "I confessed to a guy yesterday, but he rejected me." she says.

    She takes a sip of the strawberry milk, while trying to hold back her tears.

    "If he had said yes, I would have held his hand and hugged him." she says.

    "And I wish that I could peck her cheeks again."

    She gulps all of the strawberry milk.

    Then she looks him in the eyes.

    "Uhm…." she says shyly. "May I hold your hand?"

    He nods and puts him hand on the table.

    She grabs his hand and starts blushing.

    He looks into her eyes, smiling.

    Then she lets go.

    Then he gets up from his chair.

    "Do you want to hug me?" he asks.

    "Yes." she says and gets up from her chair.

    She puts her arms around him, feeling the back of his flannel shirt.

    Then she pecks his cheek.

    She sees his eyes widen of surprise.

    "Sorry, I thought you wanted to be pecked on the cheek." she says.

    He smirks and puts his hand on her cheek.

    Then he presses his lips against hers, feeling the flavour of strawberry milk on her upper lip.

    The flavour reminds him about Yeri again.

    She closes her eyes, enjoying the kiss that Wonho never would have given her.

    She puts her hands underneath the flannel shirt, grabbing his T-shirt as she tilts her head.

    She separates her lips from his.

    He looks into her eyes.

    She looks through the window again.

    Still raining.

    She grabs the collars of his flannel shirt and removes it from his shoulders, making the sleeves roll down his arms.

    Then she grabs his naked upper arms and puts her lips on his.

    He removes the flannel shirt and the shirt falls on the floor.

    He puts his arms on her waist, and slips his tongue inside, feeling hers against his.

    Feeling a stronger taste of the strawberry milk.

    He tries to stop thinking of Yeri, but the strawberry milk don't allow him to stop.

    Tears fall from his eyes.

    His lips separate from hers and kiss her neck instead.

    She puts her hands on the back of his head, ruffling his hair.

    Then she opens her eyes and looks through the window.

    "It seems like... it has stopped raining." she says.

    His lips separate from her neck.

    "What?" he says.

    He looks through the window.

    It looks wet outside, but there is no rain falling down.

    "But I guess I'll be there until the sun starts shining again." she says.

    He picks his flannel shirt up and puts it on the kitchen chair.

    She looks into his eyes.

    "Have you been crying?" she asks.

    He nods and more tears fall down from his eyes.

    His face ends up looking as pink as her shirt.

    "Sorry for crying." he says and sobs. "But I think I still can't get over her."

    "It's okay to cry." she says. "You really loved her a lot."

    He takes a seat on the kitchen floor, holding his legs against his chest, and lets more tears fall down.

    She starts looking through the window again.

    She walks around disappointed.

    "When the heck is the sun going to appear again?"

    "If the sun doesn't show up again, then you may sleep in this house."

    "It is kind of you, but I want to go home soon and watch Shrek 2 on DVD."

    "I have that DVD." he says excited, the tears stop falling,


    "Yes, you wanna watch it with me?"

    "Of course." she says with a smile.

    That bright smile that makes Jaehyun smile too.

    They are sitting on the sofa together in the living room watching Shrek 2 on DVD.

    They sing along to "I Need a Hero."

    When the movie is over, he asks her. "Do you want to be my Fiona?"

    "Yes, and you'll be my Shrek."

    He smiles because he is being compared to the best ogre in the world.

    "I don't care if the rain doesn't stop, I want to stay in your house tonight." she says.

    Then they hold hands.

    The End

  • The Lost Merman

    Wonho was inside the room of the ship, where Mikyung was sleeping, holding a dagger in his hand.

    "This is the only way, I can become a merman again." he was thinking.

    Mikyung was lying peacefully in her bed after getting married to Prince Shownu, who she thought was the man, who saved her life.

    He looked at the dagger, while tears were running down from his dark eyes.

    "If only my tongue wasn't cut off, I would have told her much I loved her."

    He walked towards her.

    Every step felt like he was being stabbed on the soles by the dagger.

    Now he wanted her to feel how it was like to be stabbed.

    He looked at her chest and reached for her heart.

    All of a sudden, he noticed that Shownu was sleeping next to her, his arm being around her waist.

    Both of them were smiling.

    He pulled his dagger against him.

    "I can't do it. They look happy for each others." He got a lump in his throat. "And if the prince wakes up seeing his new wife dead, he would die of sadness."

    He saw the sun rise through the porthall.

    His right fingers started to have sea foam on them.

    He heart started beating fast and he had trouble breathing.

    The dagger fell of his hand, making a bumping sound.

    Mikyung woke up from the sound.

    "What are you doing here?" she asked.

    He ran out to the bedroom as fast as he could, even thought the pain felt worse.

    She got up from her bed and started running after her.

    He was standing at the stern looking down at his home.

    His right arm was gone and the wet sleeve was fluttering in the wind.

    "I want to know what you were doing in my bedroom." she said.

    He turned his wet, reddened eyes on her face.

    Looking into the hazel eyes that he admired.

    "Why are you crying?" She caressed his cheek with her palm.

    He was looking at her lips, wanting to kiss them like Shownu did.

    "Don't cry, my friend." She was wiping his tears off with her thumb. "Everything is going to be alright."

    He was slowly shaking his head, knowing that it wouldn't.

    He looked at his left hand.

    The fingertips were about to dissappear.

    Then he put his foamy hand on her waist and kissed her lips.

    Her eyes widened of surprise, feeling the taste of sea water on his lips.

    Then their lips seperated.

    She was looking at him with surprise.

    "But you are only a friend to me." she said.

    He looked at his left hand that was gone.

    Then he looked into her eyes.

    "Losing me is better than losing you." was what he wanted to tell her.

    Then he jumped of the stern, turning completely into sea foam.

    She was standing by the stern with tears in her eyes.

    "Mikyung, is everything alright?" She heard a familiar voice behind her tell her.

    She turned around, seeing Shownu standing there looking concerned.

    "He is gone now." she told him.

    He put his arms around her and gave her a hug.

    "I want you to know that I'll be by your side until the end" he said.

    Wonho opened his eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun.

    He looked down and saw that he still had legs, but they were luminous.

    He also looked at his healthy arms that were just as luminous.

    "Where am I?" he asked out loud, feeling that he had gotten his tongue back.

    A creature wearing a white hanbok was flying towards him.

    "You have turned into an air spirit because you spared the princess' life"

    Mikyung and Shownu were still standing at the stern.

    "He always seemed to love the sea." she said. "It was as if he thought it was his home."

    "It sounds like he was a merman," he said "but they only exist in the fairytales told to me as a child."

    He looked her in the eyes.

    "I think I should go back to sleep." he told her and left her alone at the stern.

    She was still looking down at the sea.

    Suddenly she felt like someone was putting their arms around her, giving her a back hug.

    She felt like someone had planted their lips on her cheek.

    After the kiss on her cheek, she heard a unfamiliar, masculine whisper: "I wish that I had told you this sooner, but I love you."

    Then the back hug disappeared.

    She turned around, but there was no one in sight.

  • The Pizza Delivery Guy

    Minhyuk has gone back to work at the pizzeria, Fantagio Pizza

    He still can't stop thinking about that goose that he met on the first day.

    And the thought about her smiling makes him blush.

    "Rocky, there is a pizza, you have to deliver." his boss says.

    "Why do you always call me Rocky?" Minhyuk asks.

    "Because I saw you wearing that dark brown leather jacket the other day, and thought you probably liked rock music."

    "You think so?"

    "Yes." he says and then looks at the pizza box. "Now, I want you to deliver this pizza to a person called Goose who lives in Gosling Street 5."

    His cheek turn into the colour of ham.

    "Yes sir, boss." Minhyuk says with a smile on his face and takes the pizza.

    Then he walks away.

    "This guy sure loves delivering pizza." the boss says to himself. "and why does this goose always order pineapple pizza?"

    He is outside of the house with the box in his hands.

    Looking at the tree that has orange leaves, and the swimming pool that has been covered by a blue mat.

    His heart is beating so fast.

    He knocks on the door.

    The door opens and he sees the goose standing in front of him.

    His cheeks turn pink.

    "Uhm..." he says. "Here's the pizza you ordered."

    He gives the pizza box to her.

    "Thank you." she says.

    "Enjoy your pizza and have a nice day." he says and smiles to her.

    She smiles back.

    "I think I have seen you before." she says and then realizes. "Oh, you're the one who had a hard time finding my address."

    "That's true, but I don't have a hard time finding your address anymore." He says and giggles.

    He avoids eye contact and looks at some orange, fallen leaves on the ground.

    "But I'll like to tell you something," he says, while looking at the leaves.

    "What is it?"

    Then he looks at her face.

    "I like you."

    Her eyes widen.


    "I'm in love with you, Goose."

    She is spechless.

    "I'm sorry." she says. "but I don't feel the same way."

    He feels a piece of his heart breaking.

    "It's okay." he says. "I hope that you have a nice day."

    He smiles at her, then he walks away.

    She smiles back politely and slowly shuts the door, while looking at him.

    He gets back on his motorcycle and goes back to work.

    "It's okay that she doesn't like me back." he says to him. "But I hope that I will stand in front of her door again with a pizza in my hand and see her smile again."

    Tears run down his face.

    "It's alright, she only sees me as a pizza delivery guy."

    The End

  • Ravioli

    Ravi and Oli London are sitting across each others at a restaurant eating ravioli.

    "Ravi." Oli says.

    "Yes?" Ravi responds.

    "I looked into the mirror this morning and I think my nose look ugly." he says while touching the tip of his nose. "Do you think I should get a plastic surgery?"

    "No, I think your nose looks beautiful."

    Oli London blushes and almost chokes on his ravioli of surprise.

    "Really? Do you really think that my nose looks beautiful?"

    "Your entire face looks beautiful now, so please don't change it." Ravi says and smiles.

    Oli gets tears in his eyes.

    "People seldom call me beautiful. Most of them call me ugly."

    Ravi gets up from his chair and hugs him.

    "Don't listen to the people who call you ugly because you are handsome"

    "Hyung." Oli says and stares into his eyes.

    Then both of them stare into each others eyes.

    "I like you more than I like ravioli." Ravi says.

    The End

  • Kris Is My Style

    The goose is lying on a blue gym mat together with Johnny and Taeyong during PE class.

    "I hope I get a sixpack after this class." Johnny says.

    "Same." Taeyong says.

    "I would look weird with a sixpack." Goose says.

    Suddenly they see a guy wearing sunglasses, black clothes and a red bandana around his neck.

    "Oh, look, it's Kris." Johnny says.

    "Yeah, I thought he left our class." Taeyong responds. "But no, I guess he is back."

    The goose stares at him curiously.

    Then Kris walks over to a guy.

    "Don't you think that we should grab a jam-buster after class, eh?" Kris says.

    Hearing his seductive Canadian accent, the goose starts blushing.

    "Oh daddy..." the goose says out loud.

    Taeyong and Johnny look shocked at her.

    "WHAT?" Johnny yells, his eyes being wide open.

    "Yeah, what the heck, goose?" Taeyong asks.

    "But I-" the goose says.

    "It's not Valentine's yet." Johnny says.

    "How on earth does it have anything to do with Valentine's day?" Taeyong asks.

    "Every Valentine's Day, I call my girlfriend daddy."

    Taeyong is shook.

    "I think you should go talk to him, then he'll notice you." Taeyong tells her.

    "I will." the goose says.

    She is nervous and her heart beats fast.

    She gets up from the mat and walks over to Kris.

    "Ayo waddup, Kris?" she says, trying to sound cool.

    "Ayo wassup" he says back.

    "I just wanted to talk to you." she says.

    "What do you want to talk to me about?"

    "Nothing special." she responds. "Just... talk."

    "How cute." he says. "Would you like to be my pet?"

    "Your what?" the goose asks surprised.

    "My pet." he repeats. "I would like to put a leash on you and take you for walks."

    "Oh heck no, you kinky pervert." the goose says and flies back to the blue mat.

    "So did you talk to him?" Johnny asks.

    "Yes. " she answers. "but I found out that he is a kinky weirdo."

    "Yeah, I dislike kinky weirdos." Johnny says.

    "But Johnny, you have a daddy kink." Taeyong says.

    "No, I don't." Johnny answers.

    Then Kylie Jenner walks past them.

    "Oh daddy...." Johnny says.

    The End

  • No More Nightmares

    Yuta is alone in a dark room.

    Blood is running from his fingers, making small pools on the floor.

    He puts his hands together as if he wants to pray, but the blood keeps running.

    He sits down on the floor and starts sobbing, while covering his eyes with his bloody hands.

    When he puts his hands away, he sees a pair of legs wearing black jeans and blood red sneakers.

    He looks up and sees the face of his ex-boyfriend, Taeyong.

    He is wearing a black shirt that matches his jeans.

    Taeyong caresses Yuta's cheek, and is about to lean in for a kiss.

    Then he pauses and smirks at him.

    "As if I would ever kiss a disgusting looking person like you again." he says and slaps him across the face.

    Yuta falls to the side and watches Taeyong as he leaves him again.

    "No, Taeyong. Don't go." Yuta yells. "TAEYONG!"

    Yuta opens his eyes, realizing that it was just another nightmare.

    He feels the sweat on his forehead.

    He looks at his hands and they are bloodless.

    After the break up a week ago, he has had these nightmares.

    He looks at the alarm on the night table.

    6:44 AM.

    He doesn't feel like going to sleep again, so he gets up from his bed.

    He doesn't want another nightmare.

    So sick of nightmares.

    He walks to the closet and wonders what he should wear today.

    He sits in the kitchen eating cereal, while wearing a blue t-shirt, white jeans and blue socks.

    As he chews on the crunchy cereal, he thinks about what Taeyong said in that dream.

    Would he ever say something like this to him?

    Tell him that he looks disgusting?

    He did tell him that he was childish and boring that other day, but he never insulted his appearance.

    He puts on the white sneakers, he bought yesterday, and walks through the front door.

    He sits in the classroom, trying to focus on the math assignment, that he forgot to do yesterday.

    He tries to ignore Taeyong, who is bragging to his friends about the new guy, he started dating, called Chittaphon.

    He hopes that the new guy's heart won't break like his.

    The math teacher shows up.

    "Before we start the math class." the teacher. "I need to tell you that we have a transfer student. His name is Johnny Seo and he is from Chicago."

    A guy walks in.

    When Yuta looks at his face, his heart starts beating fast.

    "Hi, I'm Johnny." he says and smiles.

    That smile makes Yuta's cheeks turn pink.

    Then Johnny takes a seat at the empty table next to Yuta's.

    "Excuse me, but what is your name?" he asks Yuta.

    "Yuta." he responds shyly.

    "Yuta?" he repeats. "What a nice name."

    Hearing his voice makes his hands sweat.

    "I think Johnny is a nice name too."

    He looks into his brown eyes that are reflected by the lamps on the ceiling.

    "You think so?" Johnny asks and giggles. Then he looks through the classroom window. "I have heard that you have this wonderful amusement park and I would really like to visit it one day. Would you like to come with me to that amusement park?"

    "Yes, I would be glad to." Yuta says.

    "I hope that we will become good friends." Johnny says.

    Yuta can't concentrate in the math class, because he can't stop imagining himself holding Johnny's hand.

    At night, he is in bed, hoping that he won't get these bad nightmares again.

    These nightmares about Taeyong or blood.

    One night he even dreamt about being attacked by a screaming bird in a park.

    But he has to sleep.

    He closes his eyes, trying to think of good things, like Johnny.

    Yuta is at the amusement park.

    The sky is pink and the snow white clouds are tiny and shaped like hearts.

    He goes to sit down on a cloud white bench.

    Then he sees someone walk by, wearing a pink suit, and holding a stick of cotton candy that is as pink as his suit.

    He looks at the person's face and sees that it is Johnny.

    "Hi, do you want cotton candy?" he asks.

    "Yes, thank you." Yuta says.

    He takes a piece of the cotton candy and gives it to him.

    Then Johnny takes a seat on that bench.

    Yuta eats it, even though he thinks it doesn't taste like much.

    "Just like that cotton candy, I think you are sweet." he says.

    Yuta feels his face turning cotton candy pink from that comment.

    "I think you are sweet too." Yuta says and puts head on Johnny's shoulder.

    Then Johnny holds his hand.

    "I like you." Johnny tells him.

    Yuta opens his eyes and finds out that it was just a dream.

    He is smiling.

    He hopes that he is going to have more sweet dreams like these.

  • The Pink Roses


    The sun is shining bright on the light blue sky today.

    Yoojung is sitting in the classroom doodling small hearts inside her red math notebook.

    She feels like colouring the hearts pink, but she hasn't brought any colouring pencils with her today.

    "Doyeon." she says her classmate, who sits at the desk next to her.

    Her classmate turns around.


    "Do you got a pink coloured pencil?" she asks.


    "Because I want to colour these hearts"

    "Okay then." she says as she takes a pink coloured pencil out of her pencil case.

    "Thank you very much." she says and grabs the pencil.

    She starts colouring the hearts, while having a smile on her face.

    Doyeon looks at her notebook.

    "That's a lot of hearts." she says. "Do you have a crush on someone?"

    "Well..." Yoojung responds as she stares at Eunwoo, who is sitting at the desk by the window, reading a book about astronomy.

    Her face turns as pink as the hearts that she coloured.

    "Let me guess." Doyeon whispers in her ear. "Is it Eunwoo?"

    Her eyes widen.

    "How did you know that?" she asks.

    "It is pretty obvious."


    "Yeah, you were just staring at him."

    "Well... I can't help but stare when he looks so handsome."

    "A handsome guy like him probably is in a relationship."

    Yoojung feels like her heart is about to sink, hoping that it's not true.

    "Do you think so?"

    "Well.. you could ask him if he is single"

    "No, I can't."


    "I don't know, maybe because he would know that I have feelings for him."

    "Why don't you tell him that you like him?"

    "Because I am afraid of getting my heart broken, and I don't want him to dislike me."

    "But if you don't confess, then you'll never know if he likes you back."

    "You're right about that." Yoojung responds.

    She finishes colouring the last heart, and starts searching to see if there is any heart missing the pink colour.

    No, all the hearts are pink.

    Then she puts the pencil back on Doyeon's desk.

    "Thank you for letting me lend your pencil."

    After she has been to school, she waits at the bus stop with her backpack on her back.

    As she waits for the bus, she stares at the sky.

    The sun is still shining on the sky, and there small clouds as white as a blank canvas, even though the weather today looks like a beautiful painting.

    She looks at her watch that tells her that the bus might be there in 2 minutes.

    Then she starts playing the game that she and Sejeong used to play, when they were kids.

    The "What Does This Cloud Look Like?" game.

    But because Sejeong isn't standing next to her today, she decides to play it alone, but secretly so that she doesn't get stares from people who think she might be a weirdo.

    She looks at one cloud that she thinks at first looks like a cabbage.

    She wonders if she might hungry, but she ate her lunch box two hours ago.

    Then the cabbage starts looking more like a rose.

    She thinks of the one day, she saw a beautiful, pink rose in a vase in the flower shop window and thought about buying it for Eunwoo as a Valentine's present, but then she found that idea to be too silly and never bought that rose.

    The bus finally arrives and she gets inside it.

    She takes a seat at the back next to the window.

    She removes the backpack of her back and puts it in front of her.

    The day has been exhausting, so she rests her head on the handle of her backpack.

    The bus radio is playing a cheerful pop song that keeps mentioning the English word "Love".

    She hugs her backpack and closes her eyes, imagining that she is giving Eunwoo a back hug.

    But she knows that Eunwoo probably never will give her a hug.

    She hopes that he is single and that he will like her back.

    She keeps thinking of his smile, whenever he is together with his friends, looking like he feels comfortable around them.

    How she wishes that he would smile to her like that.

    She listens to the love song, while imagining him smiling, while looking her in the eyes.

    "Love" is the word that she would describe her feeling for him.

    Suddenly her closed eyes deafen her ears and she can't hear the love song anymore.

    Her head feels dizzy.

    And it feels like a part of her has left her body.

    She opens her eyes again and lifts her head from the handle of her backpack.

    She suddenly notices a person's legs wearing gray jeans next to her.

    Then she looks at the person's face and notices that it is Eunwoo, who is still wearing his school uniform.

    She gasps and her eyes widen.

    "Eunwoo? Is tha-that you?" she stutters.

    "Yeah, of course it is me." he responds and giggles.

    His laughter makes her feel butterflies in her stomach.

    "Wha-what are you doing here?"

    "Well, I had to grab a bus home, because I live far away."

    She can't believe that she is right now sitting and talking with her crush.

    "I live far away too." she says.

    She looks around and notices that the both of them are the only ones inside the bus.

    The bus driver is gone.

    Through the window, she sees a lot of pink rose bushes and grass.

    The sky is still light blue, but all the clouds are pink and look like cotton candy.

    "Where are we?" she asks him.

    "I don't know." he responds.

    He gets up from his seat and grabs his backpack that has been sitting on the seat in front of them.

    She gets up too and puts her backpack on her back again.

    They get out of the bus, whose door has been opened since her eyes opened.

    They step on the grass.

    She feels the scent of cotton candy and roses.

    She walks closer to the rose bush noticing something different about them.

    "I have never ever seen roses without thorns." she says.

    "I haven't either."

    He grabs a rose from the bush, and puts it close to his nostrils, closing his eyes.

    She stares at him, admiring his eyelashes.

    "It kind of smells like cotton candy."

    Then he unzips his backpack and puts the rose inside.

    "I have to show this to our biology teacher." he says joyfully. "Maybe she might tell us more about these roses."

    For some reason she finds it charming, whenever she hears him in biology class asking questions about plants. Especially on that day, they were learning about photosynthesis.

    "I'm excited to know what she has to tell us about these roses."

    "And I want to know the chemistry behind why they smell like cotton candy." he says. "Maybe these roses contain sucrose?"

    "I don't know about that."

    "No, a rose containing sucrose sounds ridiculous." he says and feels the opposite of smart.

    She looks up at the clouds, wanting to play that game again, but the only things she sees in the skies is cotton candy.

    He takes his phone out of his backpack and tried to turn it on, but there is only a black screen.

    "How weird." he says. "I was pretty sure my cellphone's battery was on 80%, when I was in school."

    She takes her phone out of the pocket of her uniform skirt.

    She tries to turn it on too.

    "Mine doesn't work either." she says.

    He sighs and ruffles his hair.

    "How on earth am I supposed to go home now?" he says anxious. "My father will scold me if I'm too late."

    "My mother would freak out."

    "What am I supposed to do?" He feels a lump in his throat.

    "Maybe we could go hitchhike." she says.

    He looks at her with relief.

    "I guess that might be a great idea." The lump disappear.

    They walk on the grass, not seeing any roads or cars.

    They find another bush with pink roses.

    He grabs a rose, putting it close to his nostrils again.

    "It's another cotton candy rose."

    Then he looks at her, while caressing the petals of the rose.

    "Yoojung." he says. Her eyes widen. She has never heard him say her name and has assumed he didn't know. "There is something, I need to tell you."

    "What do you want to tell me?" she asks.

    "If we never get to leave this place, I want you to know that I like you."

    She can't believe her ears.

    Her heart starts beating fast.

    "As a classmate or friend?" she asks.

    "As someone, that I would want to be in a romantic relationship with." he walks towards her and gives her a hug, putting his palms on her backpack.

    "How long have you felt that way?" she asks him.

    "Since I first saw you." he says.

    Her face turns into the colour of cotton candy rose.

    "What about you?" he asks. "Do you like me too?"

    "I love you." she says in English.

    "That means saranghae in English, right?" He asks.

    "I like you too." she says.

    He breaks the hug.

    She looks into his eyes.

    "But why?" she asks. "Why didn't you tell me that you liked me too?"

    "Because I thought you were going to reject me for being a nerd."

    "No, I like you just the way you are." she says.

    He feels tears in his eyes and smiles at her.

    She smiles at him too.

    He caresses her cheek with his palm.

    "Thank you for liking me back." he says.

    Behind him, she sees a bunch of pink heart floating.

    Hearts that look like the ones that she drew and coloured.

    Then he puts his other palm on her cheek and his face gets closer to hers.

    She closes her eyes, waiting for the touch of his lips on hers.

    She opens her eyes and lifts her head from the handle of her backpack.

    She is in that bus again.

    But Eunwoo isn't there.

    She notices that it is dark inside the bus.

    Then she notices a bus driver standing there.

    "Oh finally, you're awake." he says. "You were in a real deep sleep. I tried to wake you up, but it didn't work."

    "Where is Eunwoo?" she asks.

    "What are you talking about?"

    "The guy that was sitting next to me."

    "I don't know what you are talking about." he says. "There was no one sitting next to you."


    "Yeah, you have probably just been dreaming about that guy."

    She feels her heart sink.

    Was all of this just a dream?

    She feels tears wanting to escape her eyes, but she holds them back in front of the bus driver.

    "I can drive you home." he says. "Where do you live?"

    "I live in Guri." she answers.

    Part 2 is in the next page BTW

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