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    Title: My Son (Hangul 아들 )

    Also known as: Adeul; One day with my son; A day with my son

    Country: South Korea

    Plot: Lee Gang-sik, a prisoner serving life sentence for robbery and homicide, is granted a one day leave to visit his family as a reward for his good behaviour in his last 15 years prison term. Gang-sik while thrilled is also nervous about meeting his son whom he has last seen as a three year old child. Accompanied by his commanding prison officer he goes to visit his family who he finds out has moved out of their old house. His son Jun-seok, a high school student is not very welcoming of the visit. He has been taking care of his grandmother who suffers from dementia by himself. He initially is a bit hostile towards his father, confronting him about the double murders he had comitted and refusing to call him 'father'. As the story progresses Gang-sik gets closer with his son and Jun-seok introduces his girlfriend to him. When the time to leave arrives, Gang-sik talking about trivial things about Jun-seok's childhood suddenly starts bawling and asks Jun-seok what really happened to his son, the real Jun-seok. It is then revealed that the person presumed to be Jun-seok was actually Cha Heon-do, Jun-seok's friend and the real Jun-seok was dead. When a letter saying Gang-sik's visit had arrived, Jun-seok's close friends had came up with this plan as they believed that Jun-seok would've liked to meet his father as he was actually on his way to visit his father in prison when he had died. Taking in the fact that his son is dead, Gang-sik tells Heon-do that he did spend a day with his son and he has to give meaning in what is given to him and returns back to prison. Gang-sik returns to his daily life in prison when one day Heon-do comes to visit him. They get in a comfortable conversation talking about trivial things.

    Cast: Cha Seung-won as Lee Gang-sik

    Ryu Deok-hwan as Lee Jun-seok/Cha Heon-do

    Kim Ji-young as Lee Gang-sik's mother

    Lee Sang-hoon as Prison officer Park

    Accolades: 15th Chunsa Film Arts Awards- Best Actor for Cha Seung-won (Won)

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    I am a man sentenced to life for committing murder. But miraculously, I have managed to receive one special gift. Like a gift from God, the government has…