• Stage Name: Yoojung

    Birth Name: Choi Yoo Jung

    Group: WEKI MEKI

    Position: Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper

    Birthday: November 12, 1999

    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

    Blood Type: 0

    II. Yoojung Facts

    - She ranked 3rd on Produce 101 to become a member of I.O.I.

    - Yoojung was the center for Produce 101’s theme song Pick Me.
    - She is from Guri, Gyeonggi, South Korea.
    - Yoojung is an only child.
    - Her nicknames are “Wink Fairy” and “Yoodaeng”.
    - She went to Seoul Music High School and then SOPA.
    - She trained for four years and seven months.
    - Her hobbies are dancing, painting, and photography, and her specialties are writing lyrics and raps and covering boy group songs.
    - Her favorite senior groups are BTS and 2NE1.

    - Role Model: Rihanna

    - She is one of Weki Meki’s mood makers.

    - She appeared in ASTRO’s MV for Breathless.

    - Yoojung can impersonate an orangutan and do a “grandmother” voice.

    - Yoojung appeared in Fantagio’s web dramas To Be Continued and Idol Fever.
    - Her strengths are that she’s cheerful, sociable, and loves to smile; her weakness is that she sleeps everywhere and is slow to open up to strangers.