Coffee House

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    The story revolves around a charismatic writer Lee Jin Soo who reached stardom after writing thriller novels, which quickly became bestsellers. He works for a publishing company run by his old friend Seo Eun Young, a strong-willed, smart, beautiful and sucessful woman who can handle everything that comes her way.

    Jin Soo meets Kang Seung Yeon, a young woman who has been below average in everything in her life. But somehow she ends up being hired as a secretary by Jin Soo. The great first impression Seung Yeon has of the writer soon washes away as she discovers that the man is actually weird, sarcastic, has strange habits and is hard to please. However, she is determined to be the best secretary anyone could have – a true professional.

    Jin Soo and Eun Young, despite trusting each others abilities, don’t get always along and fight constantly. That is, until Eun Young’s ex-husband Han Ji Won returns and announces he still loves her and wants her back. Eun Young, unimpressed by his cheesy actions joins forces with Jin Soo, who finds the guy as annoying as her, to get rid of him.

    But everything gets complicated when unexpected sparks start flying between the foursome and hearts are bound to be broken in this funny yet romantic story of Jin Soo’s life.