• I. Introduction

    Hongjoong is a south korean rapper, singer and songwriter under KQ Entertainment.

    He is the leader of the boy group ATEEZ.

    II. Career

    In October 2017, he became a contestant on JTBC's reality survival show MIXNINE.

    He was eliminated in episode 10 after ranking 42nd place.

    He was ranked 7th in the MIXNINE Just Dance showcase, and later he was ranked 42.

    On October 24, 2018, Hongjoong debuted as the leader of ATEEZ.

    III. Hongjoong Facts

    - He has an older brother.

    - He was a contestant on MIXNINE.

    - He attended SIMS Academy.

    - He’s considered the strict yet dorky dad of the group.

    - He has been working since he was in high school. He barely went to school much because he was always in the studio.

    - He wanted to become an idol because he wanted to express energy and influence others and that that’s something that only the generation of today can give.

    - He has composed around 40 songs for the group (Codename is ATEEZ Ep. 1).

    - He would like to travel with the members, so they can take photos and have great memories.

    - He once record a song 1395 times.
    - He said he writes songs for the whole team, he never writes solo music. Him and Mingi participate a lot in writing their lyrics. (Forbes Interview)

    - He loves minions, He has minions slippers and was called ‘Korean Big Minion’ by the members.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)