• Jewelry was a South Korean girl group founded by Star Empire Entertainment. The group had a constant change of members which includes Kim Ye-won, Baby J, Kim Eunjung, Jung Yoo-jin, Jun Eun-mi, Lee Ji-hyun, Cho Min-ah, Park Jung-ah, Seo In-young, Semi.

    Jewelry founding members Park Jung-ah, Lee Ji-hyun, Jun Eun-mi and Jung Yoo-jin debuted in 2001 with their debut studio album Discovery. A year later, their second studio album, Again, was released, with much better results.

    The group had numerous hits and won major awards such as Best Female Group at the 2003 and 2005 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and Song of the Year for "One More Time" at the 2008 Golden Disc Awards. The group also charted several successful songs in Japan.

    In January, 2015, the group was officially confirmed as disbanded.


    First Line-up: Jun Eunmi, Jung Yoo-jin, Ji-Hyun, Park Jung-ha.

    Second Line-up: Ji-Hyun, Cho Min-ha, Park Jung-ha, Seo In-young.

    Third Line-up: Park Jung-ha, Seo In-young, Baby J, Eunjung.

    Final Line-up: Baby J, Eunjung, Kim Ye-won, Semi.


    Discovery (2001)

    Again (2002)

    Beloved (2003)

    Super Star (2005)

    Kitchi Island (2008)

    Sophisticated (2009)

    Music Videos:

    Jewelry (쥬얼리) - One More Time - YouTube

    Jewelry - Vari2ty - YouTube

    쥬얼리[JEWELRY] 핫앤콜드(Hot&Cold) MV. (with Hyung Sik of ZE:A) - YouTube

    쥬얼리(JEWELRY) Mini Album 룩앳미[Look at me] M/V - YouTube