Joonho&Gyumin (JG)

  • Joonho& Gyumin stylised as JG is a Korean JPop-duo from Japan under Good Choice Entertainment.

    Originaly both debuted in the end of 2013 with the boygroup BEE SHUFFLE wich used to be a project of the Korean television program MBC found under the show "Shuffle audition". The idea behind it was to find out if people would apply for a survival show even tho they were not searching for a KPop-group. At the end 40 people participated and 2 Japanese aswell as 3 Korean member debuted together under Universal Music Japan as BEE SHUFFLE. With BEE SHUFFLE they released 2 Japanese albums aswell as a 3rd Japanese album that also got a Korean version. In 2017 the group than disbanded, even tho some of the member used to call it out as an hiatus.

    After BEE SHUFFLE disbanded Joonho and Gyumin stayed together and formed a duo wich debuted in the end of 2017.

    Outside their work as musicians Joonho and Gyumin also have their own fashion brand called "ASAIANZ" and are also running a popular TikTok-account with over 1.7 million follower.

    Both are curently on hiatus since the end of 2019 cause they are doing their military service. But even tho they are in Korea since then they still both uploaded a solo song each in summer 2020.


    Joonho (ジュノ)

    Born: February 8th, 1992
    Height: 1,74m
    Weight: 62kg
    Gyumin (ギュミン)

    Born: June 1st, 1993
    Height: 1,74m
    Weight: 62kg