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    She's not done, she'll come back but her image is tarnished cause of jealous k-netz. She did nothing wrong! wearing fake clothes? who cares! there are real problems in this world! I feel so bad for her!

    I hope she comes back soon, maybe she will for the summer? Because it's been months now and it's actually sad bc she didn't even do anything wrong lol I know so many people who wear fakes and pretend they're real and the fact she didn't even know herself and they were gifted fakes... how is she not the victim here if anything. Ugh!! But I think she could definitely still be an it girl, and get back to where she was before, she just needs to come back

    She was about to become the next it girl and jealous netizens destroyed her career they act as if she was some sort of human trafficker or something there's nothing wrong in wearing fake goods and like you said most of her things are real so i don't know why they made such a big deal out of it

    I still feel like she can still be the same it girl, she just needs to come back and show those losers that she didn't do anything that bad and that she is moving on with her life and is still a baddieeeee, honestly she could definitely, she has my support so she will have everyone else's I'm sure, I used to watch her from before singles inferno so I am so gutted :(

    The last I heard she had proven to dispatch that out of 300 items, only 20 were fake including ones she was gifted etc... why did she do all that, to clear her name, but remain gone as if she did something unspeakable? I feel like she should have came back, put her videos back up, and moved on? Is there any news about her atm? I really enjoyed her content so I am kinda bummed that months and months later, she is still nowhere to be seen and I an't believe this small, stupid, scandal has affected her career this much!!!! She could literally be getting the bag, and still keep her it girl title, only a few items were fake, like come onnnnnnn!!

    but scouting is part of the process right... i mean even modelling agencies scout whereas others audition...

    but i do understand your point at the end of the day some auditionees debut some don't...some scoutees debut some don' then becomes up to the company and or the individual

    I just feel like its obvious who will and wont make it much earlier than 3/4/5 years, and they should cut those who they feel dont have enough potential earlier on so not to waste their teen years to end in failure, cos I imagine that would suck big time, imagine ur friends debuting and ur only finding out they wont debut u after 4/5/6 years??? All that time for what ;( ;(

    but there are groups with members that don't fit such visuals

    one of the most obvious is hwasa from MMM...she in no way can be called fitting the korean beauty standard but she's talented and an it girl in her own right...

    ok so in regards to your point about scouting for visuals that's all after the fact though no?

    hindsight is 20/20 and we only hear of idols who've debuted tell of being's not every scouted idol debuts lol

    i'm sure there are plenty of idols who are scouted but do not debut...

    Youre focusing too much on what I said about visuals which is not the point. I just used it as an example lmao, Im saying a lot are scouted just cos of how they look and a lot of scouted members debut, so if they can already see what they want by just seeing them cross the street, then identifying someone who auditioned and their level of talent and debut potential also shouldn't be hard to spot lmao, since they debut people they just found attractive and trained. Ofc those who audition should be even more talented bc they show the initiative to apply and chase their dream instead of being asked to join lmao

    Do you know what I mean now???

    Companies dont lead anyone on. Do you really think a company will care about "leading" someone on. Not everyone gets to debut, and dont forget, trainees can leave anytime they want. It's tough but companies choose who they want to debut. It is a game, your literally fighting to beat out 30+ other trainees. Nobody is wasting anyone's time, this is a business, companies dont have time to sit and wait. The idol industry is rough, so dont expect to debut.

    Its a game? Someones childhood and life isnt a game man ;( I just feel like they should stop people who they can just tell aren't going to progress well enough before they spend 5 years training only to never debut? Does it take 5 years to figure out if someone is debut potential? I dont think so lmao

    ...huh? you realize all the stuff you're talking about is subjective anyway, right? there are tons of idols i think suck but their fans still rave about them lol. like really who tf are you to say someone is being led on and isnt good enough to debut. most of them dont debut bc of bad companies anyway.

    Having stage presence isnt subjective at all, some people are just awkward and boring on stage, its very easy to see lmao

    Having talent and skill also isnt subjective, if you can sing you can sing, if you cant it hurts to listen to

    Its all subjective lmao

    this is honestly a weird take. kpop groups need balance. yeah kpop companies pick some people for their visuals, but they also have to pick people that can actually carry the group with their talent. then they need people who have personality. it isnt often you find one person with all 3 of these things among the 100s of trainees that are auditioning monthly. some people have one and are lacking the other two. some people have two but are lacking the other one. and when you put them all in a group together, they balance each other out.

    it is true that you can figure out early on who will and wont thrive as an idol in multiple regards. but it isnt true that just bc someone isn't that pretty or just bc they dont have a lot of energy on stage they wont be popular. kpop is all about marketability and fantasy. if you can sell yourself to your audience, regardless of anything else, people will be your fan. and that is what kpop companies are banking on.

    i don't think its right to say someone needs to tell people to give up on their dream bc they dont fit the "beauty standard"? even if they dont there are still people that will like their visual out there and people who will like them as people. being an idol is like any other profession. if you work hard enough, even if you arent a natural, you can still get that promotion. there are some big names in the kpop industry that looked exactly like these girls planet girls when they were trainees. and thats a fact

    Yeah so why not train the visuals, and the top of the talented instead of keeping back ups who wont even debut in a diff group? Its just obvious who does and doesn't have stage presence man, its not something to deep or think too much about, you can have talent and 0 personality on stage, so they can go, we all know kpop prefers likability over talent lmao fc they need to have some kind of talent im not saying they shouldn't have talent and visuals are more important, I just mean its obvious to them from what ive seen on shows so no point leading other trainees on, i personally think they keep other people there to create the feeling of competition for the ones they DO want to debut, which is fucked

    This is exactly what I mean though, its obvious who is and isnt likeable lmao, and who is and isnt going to hold a fanbase as an idol and who is and isnt enjoyable to watch perform, it doesn't take years to see if someone has potential lmao

    I get some trainees debut in other companies instead of where they train and the timing, but its still obvious who will and wont debut no?? I used ITZY as an example bc it perfectly illustrates what I mean, when the girl group in stray kids survival performed, only the ones who've ended up debuting stood out to JYP, it doesn't take a genius to see they'd debut and the other girls wouldn't

    I believe its so they can see what's out there. Sure they scout idols and have favorites but you never know if out of the sea of trainees you'll find that perfect one. Other than that it could be to see who they could train and save for a later group. Sometimes a trainee may not be good for the current group but has a lot of potential. We have seen some idols feel like they weren't gonna debut and think about leaving only for them to end up debuting after all.

    I get wanting diff trainees for diff concepts, bc they eventually debut, Im talking about people who clearly dont have what the other potentials have and are in over their head but keep them around anyways as back ups ?? They shouldn't require a sea of young vulnerable children to pick from, and they never did, as I said, on the stray kids survival show, it was obvious who from the girls would debut, so idk what they kept the other girls there for?? Now one of them is on GP999 unable to let go and emotionally torturing herself

    Im not talking about peoples talent at this point bc they teach them their talent anyway, its clear who does and doesn't own the stage, its clear who is more stable vocally, its clear who isnt fun to watch and who's mesmerising, its just something people have or dont have - likability. Some trainees look like actual kids, and some look like they are already idols. Thats what I am talking about. Just stick to the obvious ones?

    Yeah it’s messed up. For companies to lead them on then to throw them away after is straight up depression right there.

    You even had the JYP trainee girls being publicized for the first time on national tv on Stray Kids first episode and the girls thinking and promising each other that they’ll debut if they win against team 1 the boys team. Then shoe horning Ryujin and Sunmin in mixnine. Like it’s sad to watch.

    There should honestly be a law for this.

    Literally! And now one of those girls is on planet 999 years after her friends debut ffs ;( ;( ;( she's in over her head but cant let go bc of how much she's dedicated to her dream

    Its fucked up honestly they dont care about the "failed" trainees

    Because even scouted idols can encounter problems which may cause them to leave halfway through training. Not every person is fit for the idol lifestyle. Sometimes they may encounter family or health issues. Sometimes they have bad or weak characters. And sometimes, talented people are late bloomers or aren't obviously shining at first. Plus, there are always a few hard workers who can eventually grow to outshine the rest because of the dedication they put in, rather than the natural talent they have.

    JYP himself is one of those that became successful because of hard work and discipline, rather than visuals or natural talent. His voice sucked at debut, he was ugly, he was relatively older... the only thing he had going for him was that he could write songs and had some skill at dancing. Everything else was the result of hard work, self-discipline, and relentless training and learning. Which is why he emphasizes the same in his idols, while also looking for that special something that hard work alone can't replicate.

    EDIT: Also, keep in mind that when you are watching idol debut survival shows - particularly ones produced by Mnet - that you are watching an edited broadcast. You are seeing what the producers WANT you to see, the trainees they want you to focus on, not necessarily all the stories of all the trainees.

    Yeah I understand problems can be encountered and I get taking extra individuals that they know they'll debut EVENTUALLY with training, but they take on a lot of people when they're only debuting a handful every few years lmao especially when a half of those handfuls are SCOUTED!!! They already WANT to debut them, so all they have to do is train to their standard. So they could jus pick the top of the top talented, along with scouted trainees??

    Stage presence isnt something that develops later, talent doesn't bloom late either, they just teach them to learn that talent - they take on people just for looks and train them and debut them. They also take on all these talented ones, who weren't scouted, and they already know which ones from them they want to debut, the rest are just back up options which is fucked?

    I get them training to be successful, but at least debut them in the end lmao OR cut them off after 1 year if they dont progress enough to spare them years of suffering to get nothing out of it in the end??

    Yeah as for editing, in the survival shows, I see their performances, and its so obvious who will and wont debut lmao nothing to do with editing all that does is make certain people likeable but for example the stray kids show, the girl group were only shown for a few minutes and I could already tell Yeji and Chaeryoung were going to debut for sure bc they got praised by JYP and the rest didn't, then ontop of that ryujin and yuna were guaranteed bc they were scouted, the other girls didn't stand out to me AT ALL, and they never debuted in the end? Whats editing got to do with that?

    well everyone wants to be the next BTS/EXO/Twice/BP no?

    isn't that the same for athletes that train and pay money to be the next MJ/LBJ/Roger Federer etc???

    people want to achieve their goals and will try to...

    companies take on trainees that they think will have what it takes...sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't

    Yeah but when it comes to kpop, they have such strict criteria they want to hit esp with visuals, its not just talent that they look for compared to athletes which is purely talent... they want that spark and aura, thats why I dont get why they lead sooooo many trainees on when its so obvious who they already want to debut?? a lot of groups are made up of scouted individuals which shows its not really purely talent they look for, thats why I dont get it, its already obvious to them who they want lmao

    that's the game that these trainees have to play. Companies need to lead trainees on so that they can see your talent and especially your wow factor and marketability, but it's a rough game, trainees know what their getting into, of course its wrong but don't expect to just debut because your a good singer, rapper, or dancer. You need that wow factor, and a loooot of trainees don't have that. That's why the professionals can scout idols like Hyunjin and now he'll debut because hyunjin has that spark, you can just identify who is interesting from the rest easily on shows like girls planet 999 and stray kid's debut show.

    "game" ?? These children lives aren't games for them to gamble having a wasted childhood when its already so obvious who companies want to debut lmao. I get having more trainees than needed for the group for potential different concept groups later on, but they take on more than that lmao

    Trainees "know" what they're getting into? They're literal kids, who beg for their parents permission to make such a massive decision

    Its so obvious who has a "spark", thats why I dont get why they waste certain trainees time lmao, why take them on for years and lead them on for 4/5/6 years to then never debut them?

    So I got into kpop literally a year ago now, and I started with stray kids who randomly came on my spotify, then I watched their survival show, which traumatised me cos I had no idea it was that hard lmao and currently Im watching girls planet 999 and I just feel its so obvious just from initial performances who definitely doesn't have what it takes to be an idol???? Like some people are too boring to watch, others have charisma, why take on the clearly boring ones?? Some of the girls planet contestants have absolutely ZERO sauce, they'll never debut and I can say it confidently lmao I just dont get esp when korea have their shitty beauty standards, a lot of people can be removed from the equation just based on looks lmao

    I feel like if I can see it, why cant entertainment companies see it?? Why do they push trainees to keep going and lose their childhoods, and watch their friends debut (a girl on girls planet was training with ITZY and even appeared on the stray kids survival show with itzy, now she says when she sees them she feels envy, I probs would feel like that too like a failure and that sucks) - but she's still chasing her dream, only bc she's obvs put soooo many years into it and was so close yet so far?? Why do companies do this shit, when they could just take who has potential or the "visuals" that they've scouted that they wanna teach and dedicate the time on them?

    Literally 2 of the 5 members of ITZY were scouted lmao, Hyunjin from stray kids was scouted, so why do they take on extra people when they already can tell who they'll debut? Jin and Tae were also scouted, likeeeee if purely visual decisions can be made so easily and they decide they'll just train them to perfection, then they can clearly see who they want to debut from talent too?? it was clear on the stray kids survival show that JYP especially liked Yeji and Chaeryoung, who've debuted now, and ontop of that Ryujin and Yuna were scouted, they were sooooo obvious, so why do they waste the others time????