• I. Introduction

    TAN or T.A.N is a seven-member boy group under Think Entertainment. They were formed from the MBC survival show "Wild Idol". They debuted on March 10, 2022 with their mini album "Limited Edition '1TAN'".

    TAN is an acronym for "To All Nations".

    Their fandom name is SODA, which is an acronym for Special, Oxygen, Dynamic, and Adorable. Their official colors are Pantone 16-0924 TPX, Pantone 18-1321 TPX, Pantone 19-119 TPX, and Dark side of the Moon/

    II. Background

    The group was formed through the audition program "Wild Idol" which measured the participants physical stamina, skill levle, and hidden potential. The show premiered on September 17, 2021 and the final lineup and name of the group were revealed on December 16.

    They announced that they will debut with their first mini album "Limited Edition '1TAN'" on February 25, 2022, and the album was released on March 10.

    III. Members


    Rank: 7
    Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
    Birth Name: Im Ji Myoung but legally changed to Im Joo An
    Birth Date: Ocotber 4, 1996

    Rank: 5
    Position: Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Visual
    Birth Name: Lee Jaejun
    Birth Date: September 25, 1997

    Rank: 4
    Position: Lead Vocalist
    Birth Name: Seo Sung-hyuk
    Birth Date: August 26, 1999

    Rank: 6
    Position: Lead Vocalist
    Birth Name: Kim Hyun-yeop
    Birth Date: October 23, 2000

    Rank: 2
    Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist
    Birth Name: Bang Tae-hoon
    Birth Date: November 11, 2002

    Rank 3
    Position: Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Maknae
    Birth Name: Kim Ji-Seong
    Birth Date: August 23, 2004

    Rank: 1
    Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist
    Birth Name: Lee Chang Sun
    Birth Date: March 17, 1996

    IV. Discography

    Title Type Release Date
    Limited Edition '1TAN'
    Mini Album
    March 10, 2022

    V. Trivia

    • Changsun is a member of 24k.
    • Jooan is a former member of WE IN THE ZONE and their sub-unit jJOOAN X ESON.
    • Jaejun is a member of JT&MARCUS and a former member of TREI and C-CLOWN.
    • Taehoon is a member of CLIMIX BOYGROUP.
    • Jiseong is a member of NTX.
    • Sunghyuk used to be in the group RAINZ.