• I. Introduction

    Yuji is a south korean singer under GH Entertainment and the leader, main vocalist and rapper of the girl group 3YE. She was the former leader of the girl group Apple B.

    She was also a contestant of the survival show KARA Project and The Unit.

    II. Career

    Yuji first debuted in the girl group Apple B with four other girls including Yurim and Haeun, fellow 3YE members.
    Apple B disbanded in 2018 following the departures of Sandy and Hyunmin.

    After the disbandment of Apple B she trained to re-debut in 3YE.

    III. Yuji Facts

    - She was a K-pop Star 2 contestant.

    - Her specialties are belly dancing, athletics and urban dancing.

    - Her hobbies are shopping, watching dramas and movies.

    - She was a participant in Baby Kara reality TV program (to find a new member of Kara).

    - She auditioned for “The Unit” and passed the auditions.

    - She likes puppies and seafood.