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  • bruh, just watched this and I want to know who tf are the 2 people ordering iced DECAF Americanos

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  • Were you the user that made that post asking why Americanos were so popular?

    • Yes!

    • Yo, my mom watches a lot of Kdramas, and she just asked me yesterday what an Americano was. I asked if she saw it on her Kdramas and she was like, YES THEY KEEP ORDERING THEM. She thought they were the Korean version of Starbucks sizes like a large.


    • LOOOOL NO WAY HAHAHA that makes sense linda tho cos Starbucks be using “grande” so it’s not far fetched to think another country would use an English word HAHAHA but bless her omg



  • Hi!

    I wrote you a long response to your post on your thread about your Youtube channel, but then all the data from yesterday on forum was lost, so you probably haven't seen it :/
    I don't remember everything i wrote, but i'm happy you gained confidence to do it and i'll gladly support you If you need some more advices or just talk about it, i'm down for it.

    You got this! :)

    • Hey!! yes!! the whole thread got deleted before I even got to check my notifications I was gutted and confused why it got removed bc I wasn't promoting was just asking about my confidence and stuff... but update!! Ive made the channel, an intro and outro1!!! I can message u once Iveposted if u like thank you so much btw for ur responses, you really helped me feel much better, thank you for taking the time to write to me xxx

    • <3 Yes, i will gladly subscribe and watch it! :D

      Also i don't think even if you promoted your channel would be a problem here, there is also 'bookmark' Studio, where people can showcase or promote their work :)

      Everything from that day was lost...

      I'm so glad you've gathered the courage to do that!

      It's not a problem at all, i really like to share my opinions and thoughts and it makes me happy if i can help someone with them!

      I'm anticipating your channel! :) you would probably feel regret forever if you haven't tried it, since you thought about that for a long time

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    • Oh wowwwww so everything that day was lost off the website?! Thats crazy how comes??

      Wow I might go ahead and promote myself there!!

      Thank you honestly you were a big part of it :claps: you really did give some great advice and a lot to think about and youre so so right if I dont do it I'll regret it... I know my insecurities will suck while Im posting but it's something I KNOW i'll find fun and enjoy!! It's been on my mind for 1-2 years now! hoNESTLY ITS ABOUT TIME LOL

    • Yes, i think it was maintenance and something went wrong, so the last saved version was from more than a day before. It was like going back in time :D

      I'm not super confident, but i just try to accept myself the way i am and work on myself. I have this mindset: i have to be happy with myself, those that will see the good and positive in me, will stick with me, others are not even worth it. That's why i don't think too much about what people think about me.

      So of course if people would want to 'search' for mistakes, they would criticize you, that's the way it is, especially if they are insecure or just feel like they are better than the others. But don't let this affect you!

      You can never satisfy everybody and you don't have to. Just be yourself and people will appreciate you. Those that don't are not worth any attention or your energy. <3

      Like you said, the most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy! And in addition learn things about yourself and what you are capable of :-)

    • omfg thats SO ANNOYING!!!! I loved my little thread of support haha, so glad you came to message me here honestly cos I wasn't done with the convo lmao

      Yeah honestly, I need to adapt this view of life and just accept e for me and be confident with who I am and what I have cos at the end of the day I only have me... and omg your MOTO I LOVE IT!!! Thats so true! Id rather be me and have people who like me for ME. Also, personalities and good in them shines through way more than any looks they have, I need to remind myself this

      Thank you Im so excited honestly! I have so many ideas hahaha cant wait!xx