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  • Bought some parmesan garlic chips today. Orgasmic!

  • Saw a butterfly on my walk today. Thought of T a o.

  • Victor's year you guys. Those people.

  • Finally got that EXO badge.

  • I love AllKill allkpop! The colors and the variety of choices. PERFECT.

  • Fun Fact: My Chinese name is Boon Lee. =]

  • Gahmsahmnidah!!!!!!!

  • Greg. I think you mean $tar Museum.

  • Star Museum

  • Does smtown stand for social media town

  • Thanks.

  • you're really hot

  • I have too many biases. how to pick more than just 1?

  • The purge

  • Saturnalia

  • Interesting how you know so much about me. ;]

  • isn't victor related to sm idols

  • difficulty medium

  • *buys akorns*

  • Points are important.

  • palomitas

  • we need points

  • Need acorns...

  • Been mia for a while. Hope all is well!

  • Decided to Go AllKill.

  • Sorry been AFK for a long while. Life came in. But got vaccinated and it's been great. =]

  • Saturnalia. =]

  • Hi. This is Neniroo. I am indeed Mars. The Roman God of Bloodthirsty War and Agriculture. For my past behaviors, I apologize. But I am here to do my Duties. Your Fan Wars are indeed scary. I pray for you all. Wait for the supreme groups. Bigger than BTS. A TON. Blitzkrieg Deluge. Wishing allkpop the best. #allkpopupdate #RomanGod #Mars

  • I'm Claire Wei. General of the Wei Dynasty. The Daughter of Zeus and Hera. Zeus named me Voice because I had the most beautiful voice out of all of his children. I'm of Full God Blood.

  • Tried to redo some singing of For Good from Wicked. Posted on IG. heh ~