Melon Top 1000 Analysis for Girl Groups (2007-Present)

  • I never really looked at the Melon Daily Chart Top 1000 in any depth until the past few weeks, and I was quite surprised about what songs are still charting (77 girl group songs, or only 7.7 percent). I was also surprised by what songs aren't charting, where certain songs are currently placed, how certain songs rank relative to other songs from the same time period, and a variety of other things. What is the general public of Korea listening to as far as old songs?

    Here are the girl groups ranked by number of songs charting in the Melon daily chart top 1000 (dated February 14th):

    Blackpink: 17
    Twice: 11
    G-Idle: 9
    Izone: 7

    Mamamoo: 6

    Oh My Girl: 6

    Red Velvet: 4

    G-Friend: 4
    Itzy :4

    Aespa: 2

    SNSD: 2

    2NE1: 1

    T-ara: 1

    Momoland: 1

    A Pink: 1

    Stay C: 1

    Here are the songs and their placements separated by year:
    I placed the current highest charting song, the rest are in spoilers.
    (I may have missed a group or two, I searched every group I could think of that might possibly have a song in the top 1000. However, every group listed has all of their currently charting songs accounted for.)

    2007: SNSD - Into the New World (#846)

    2009: 2NE1 - I Don't Care (#662)

    2015: G-Friend - Me Gustas Tu (#954)
    2016: Blackpink - Playing With Fire (#208)

    2017: Blackpink - As if It's Your Last (#189)

    2018: Blackpink - Forever Young (#177)

    2019: Red Velvet - Psycho (#119)

    2020: Blackpink - Lovesick Girls (#6)

    2021: G-Idle - Hwaa (#23)

    My Brief Analysis
    2009 must have been a big year to still have 3 songs charting, since there were no songs at all from 2010-2014 still charting, and only one from 2015. Also interesting that 2016 was a lot bigger than 2017, and 2018 bigger than 2019. If that trend continues, 2021 will be a year with less big hits than 2020.
    It seems, with the exception of Blackpink's huge songs, most huge songs/national hits (Cheer Up, Bboom Bboom, TT, Red Flavor, Gee for example) don't always have the long-term staying power as almost as popular songs from the same era. Maybe they get overplayed and people get sick of them? Idk. For example, I Don't Care is almost always considerably ahead of Gee on the Melon Daily chart top 1000. Both songs from 2009, both big during their release period, but Gee had a more explosive opening. However, It seems the GP listens to I Don't Care more frequently years later. This is the same type of situation with Blackpink's 2016 songs, even Stay, all having consistently better showings on this chart than either Cheer up or TT from the same era (more surprisingly, Russian Roulette also does better most days).
    G-Idle does really strongly among the newer groups (3.5/4th gen groups)
    Some of Oh My Girl's songs from 2018 and 2019 still charting, also to my surprise.
    Besides Heartshaker, all of Twice's 2017 releases are notably missing. I would have guessed Likey to still be charting at least.

    I was most surprised that T-ara's one entry isn't Roly Poly or Love Dovey, but an even older song from 2009 I had never heard of.

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    This is interesting to see. BP is quite impressive with the amount of songs they have, even Kill This Love (which to many people is considered a flop) is still charting quite high.

  • Knock knock, likey, signal no where to be found.

    I could understand about knock knock and signal, but likey is one of their best song (and it also has most views on youtube behind TT)

  • melon top 1000 is heavily influenced by fandom streaming, i wouldnt gave it such importance tbh but its fun for bp twice dominating as usual

    There is no real evidence of this. Rather the opposite. Boy group songs besides BTS are nowhere to be found, despite many of those groups selling a lot more albums and having a much bigger fandom than groups like say, G-Idle or Oh My Girl.

    Example: Exo has ONE song in the top 1000, at #905 (Love Shot).
    Wanna One, probably the group best known for fandom streaming in Korean charts, has ZERO songs in the top 1000 currently.

    It seems like you're just trying to create that argument since it's yet another area Twice isn't winning. Otherwise, I'd be glad to hear your attempt at reasoning "fandom streaming" is responsible for the top 1000 of the daily chart.

  • Let's not forget that ggs are not known for having a mass fandom in korea and bp has been previously claimed to have a small fandom in korea. So claiming they do is delusional,dimwitted and illogical asf.

    I don't expect much from those kind of people. I will just end losing brain cells if i argue with them.

  • melon top 1000 is heavily influenced by fandom streaming, i wouldnt gave it such importance tbh but its fun for bp twice dominating as usual

    If it is heavily influenced by fandom, the top1000 would be flooded with BGs songs instead of GGs. Top1000 is actually more reflective of songs listened / playlisted by GP users

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