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  • Sup twicehouse, how are we doing after the first lisa teaser

    • I'm intrigued for sure. Lisa in handcuffs? 8| I just want her to chart well. Both in the US and especially in Korea.

    • She will do well, even in korea I think people underestimate her popularity. What matters is the music though

  • also give me your akorns

  • give me that TXT badge u washed-up hasbeen :cursing:

    • lol hell's no, this boomer worked real hard to get the Lovesong badge and akorns. I need my akorns for the next limited edition Lisa and/or Mina badges. X(

    • okay fine :cursing::cursing::cursing: but I'm very disrespectfully looking at it :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:

    • :smirks2:

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  • hullo :claps:

    someone told me you were interested in joining bp guild ?

    • Wow thanks for reaching out, I was kinda thinking about it. Can i DM you if i wanna join for sure?

    • sounds good :claps:

  • Hey, sorry if I made you feel bad! You don’t have to leave the thread! You are free to comment anywhere you like! <3

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  • can you stop being so nice to me and liking my post ;(

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  • Hi Minahouse :)

    I am Minaryu


    • Minahouse sounds a LOT better than Twicehouse lol. I definitely approve of this nickname!

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  • how 😀 😄 that

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  • hey sorry about today, i was just stressed out and having a panic attack because of all the hate ITZY was getting for no reason. the songs kinda does feel similar to a blackpink, but not exactly i can feel ITZY flavor in it. and blackpink does release bops too, i listen to some of their songs. :-D

    • lol no need to apologize at all. Say whatever you feel like saying!

  • Not you saying CA is not a thing because you aren’t black

    • Has nothing to do with a specific race.

      Millions of non Asians around the world exploit Asian cuisine and make money off of it. Millions of non Asians around the world learn Asian languages and make money off of it. Millions of non Asians around the world learn Asian martial arts and make money off of it.

      Are these black, brown, white, etc people also committing "CA"???

      No, of course not, just as Korean idols learning about hip hop culture and making money off of it, NONE of this is wrong. Everyone is allowed to do whatever the fuck they want, as long as they arent mocking or demeaning other people or other cultures.

    • I agree, sorry that I came for u

  • :blowing-kiss:

    I'm hated by both fanbases just cause i stand up for mah girls and dont let Armys walk all over their accomplishments. :mads:

    When it comes down to it, i appreciate the boys for all their hard work and even some of their songs, and will root for their success in the West.

    Just leave the Korean charts alone ffs X( - blackpinkhouse

  • Can you elaborate on how soyeon is the ace of kpop. I'm really not seeing it at all

    • Mostly because she writes and produces all their songs, with only marginal help from one or two producers/songwriters. If you look at the credit line for their singles, it's almost always just Soyeon and maybe one other person. Other self produced groups like BTS have like 12 other people involved.

      Also, she's responsible for the musical direction of the group, and is involved in everything including their MVs.

      On top of all this she has her normal idol responsibilities including main rapper, leader, lead dancer, vocalist, and all the social media stuff.

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    • Understandable. The way I see it she's obviously one of the best female rappers, but she is not really special when it comes to singing or dancing, there is no one particularly top tier on g-idle at those things either, she just gets the job done.

      As for self producing I don't feel like that's necessarily a synonimous of quality, most of their stuff is hit or miss and imo their last good song was hann. Stray kids also produce their own music and it's hot garbage.

      The only people I could consider aces in kpop are taemin and bts/ bp as a whole. Oh and seulgi, she has so much potential to be an strong soloist but sm were obsessd with irene :| , her dancing is on par with lisa & momo and could easily be a main vocalist on most groups

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  • Yo wanna play mafia with me?
  • if i was a professor i would give your rant an A++++++

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    • lol thanks i did have to exaggerate a little bit (i'm not quite as angry as i sound lol), but i hope people got their money's worth!

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    • what rant :eyes:

    • don't remember anymore lol

    • It was an anti-SJW rant, complaining about how stupid CA accusations are against Kpop idols lol. I think i even put the blame on the US music industry for Korean idol CA (basically talked about how the US spent 60 years exporting pop music and culture to every corner of the globe, made untold billions selling hip hop music and culture to other countries, and now all of a sudden, locals get angry about Koreans and other foreign acts putting on the same jewelry, clothes, and hairstyles of the hip hop icons that we literally crammed into their schools and unis for decades).

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