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  • In my flop era lol


  • BTS did the MBTI test again... the results oh no

  • anyways I might do another MBTI/Kpop post...maybe

    • Go for it! I’d love to see it and have no problem correcting some misconceptions under it if you’d like to.

  • I don't think people know how MBTI works

    Cause I saw people saying in the comment section of my Twice mbti thread saying that Dahyun has to be an introvert cause she said she's reserved off camera, Cognitive extroversion and social extroversion are not the same (tho it can be sometimes, I could say I'm cognitively and socially introverted)

    For example you could be cognitively an INFP but socially be extroverted

    random but I'm kinda tired of orbits saying Yeojin from Loona is an ENFP when she's clearly a se dom( I feel like orbits keep saying she's an ENFP cause she's cute and bubbly, but can't see any Ne so......) at least PDB typed her correctly

    • Yeah! You get it! I’m sad that so few people on here actually get it except for us though. Yes, it’s hard to understand at first, but it get easier to understand the more research you do on it. Now it feels like second nature to me.

      I know! I’m cognitively extroverted, but more ambiverted in real life. It can happen. I don’t know Loona very well at all, so I can’t make judgments on that, but people do know that you can be an ESFP and still be cute and random, right? Heck, I’m an ENFJ for crying out loud and I still make random jokes and act cute. Does that mean my type changed and I’m an ENFP now? No! I don’t have to be a walking stereotype of my type and not everyone else is either (but no shame if you are, that’s fine too).

  • It's nice to see other MBTI people on here who actually know it and like K-Pop too. I figured that alone deserved a follow, but you beat me to it, so then I just had to follow back. Also, Twice makes great music and that's a fact. Have a great day/night!

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  • Momo is serving bad bitch in your dp

  • HI <3

    If you haven’t already can you vote for ONCE CULT in our outfit thread?~
  • Thanks forthe follow!

  • I am not an alt btw

  • where is part 8 to twice mystery

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  • Hello! Would you like to join the Once Cult? I see you like Momo <3 It's a suggestion but it's a safe place for all Onces, feel free to join if you would like <3


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  • I'm not even a bp anti TT