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    At this point I'm not even being defensive, I'm just confused as to why you would use such inefficient methods to support your argument. If you actually looked at the chart you would see that BTS song position changes aren't nearly as big as you are implying. Yes BTS has a strong fanbase, but their songs wouldn't be charting nearly as high as they were on the 24hits chart if their GP interest also wasn't substantial. If you wanted to prove your point about BG fandoms, a BG with far more fandom support than GP interest rising rapidly would have done the job much better.

    gosh do you not get tired of repeating the same thing over and over. i never said they didn't have a gp support hell i even called them digimons

    the point still hold that bts is a bg and all their songs rose after the reform, like it or not, its a fact.

    now stop quoting me, i wont waste time on this forum arguing with you

    But once again, why focus on BGs specifically when they aren't even rising the most. The core of your argument is that fandoms can manipulate the chart more than they could before, but you ignore the biggest example of fandom charting in favor of focusing on a BG (who were already digimons and charting well before) rising a small to moderate amount.

    because other people were already discussing the bg streaming argument and i joined it, nothing more or less so pls stop acting like i just burned bts and then threw them in a trash bin,besides, i have not a single idea who LWY or wtv his intials are is.

    If you're complaining that BG fandom mass streaming is taking over the charts, BTS would be a bad example then since you admit that they were already digimons. It's also questionable that you are complaining specifically about BG fandoms taking over the charts when they clearly aren't even the worst offenders from what we've seen so far.

    i just said that song below top 50 may have a worse longevity as a lot of bg songs will probably be able to enter the chart, as of now, only bts is charting but all their songs rose which gives us a pretty clear indicator that some bgs will be able to chart. there was no ill intention in my post, its literally just an observation, thats why i don't understand why yall got so worked up.

    wait for a nct sub unit cb or a svt and you'll see how these charts look.

    Complaining about us "victimizing" BTS and you then proceed to victimize yourself lmao. If you wanted to use BTS as an "obvious" example, why not use LWY instead who's case is super extreme and much more obvious than anyone else? Even IU had songs rising with the reform, but nobody is calling her fandom driven.

    Im not victimizing myself nor am i trying to use bts as an obvious case.

    a lot of people mentioned bg mass streaming taking over the charts like they used to do with the old chart and i agreeed with them as we could see every bts song that was already charting suddenly rose

    i mentionned a lot of times that bts was a digimon, me stating the truth doesn't take that away, you just have to learn to be less sensitive and not jump any users who doesnt push a bts are the best oppas narrative. quoting me to tell me what has already been told million of times and then hyping yourself up with other users and using corny gifs was also useless

    I'm also confused as to why the fandom argument is being aimed at BTS when LWY's case is so severe lmao, some people will bend over backwards to discredit BTS

    The actual accurate representation of mass streaming would be lim young woong songs, which barely charted on Melon 24hits.

    Yall are so annoying trying to victimize bts and then quoting each other talking about how much people hate bts and all that crap, promise you no one gives af

    i only mentionned bts cause they're the only bg charting and all their songs rose suddenly after that new reform, so please give me a break and stop with the everyone hates bts narrative

    BTS songs were alr inside the chart before the reform.

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    and did i say the opposite? i simply mentioned bts cause they're the only bg currently charting and all their songs rose, dont take it personal probably hasn't update yet

    I don't think we can know if it will affect daily chart until tomorrow bc it update by the time daily chart update

    twice rose to 16 on the new chart so im not complaining :pepe-flirt: she's coming for Fancy's ass

    tho i think this reform will definetly affect the longevity of song below top 50 cause a lot more songs can enter the chart and bgs can mass stream easily as seen by the rise of every bts song on the chart

    cheer up wasnt the first ng of the 3r gen it was me gustas tu, even rough fall in that category as it was the first gg of the 3r gen to get a pak

    also cheer up didnt started 3r gen hits, it was exo with growl


    ..also 4th gen started in 2019 with itzy and txt, nobody call them 3r gen

    Still, Cheer Up overshadows all these songs and is considered as one of if not the biggest hit of 3rd gen cause it kinda boosted 3rd gen to stardom.